A Quebec in the heart of the campaign of Bernie Sanders

Une Québécoise au cœur de la campagne de Bernie Sanders

A Quebec, Scheherazade Brennan, is actively campaigning for the politician of the left Bernie Sanders in the United States.

The one who has never been involved in any political party in Quebec is now a volunteer for his democratic candidate preferred, in the United States. “I’m in the process of immigration, so it’s the place where I will live,” explained Scheherazade Brennan to TVA News in order to justify his motivation.

Although her husband is an employee of the campaign of Bernie Sanders, the Quebecer is especially driven to give of his time because of the costs associated with health care, who are waiting in the United States.

A system of universal coverage of health care, similar to that in force in Quebec, is listed in the electoral programme of the candidate. The latter would be even more ambitious and include dental care, devices for hearing and vision care.

The environmental issue is also crucial in the eyes of the Québécois. Bernie Sanders is the candidate who takes this issue more seriously, she said.

A demanding job

In the past few months, Scheherazade Brennan has relentlessly door-to-door to try to convince voters of the merits of “Bernie”, that this is in the State of New York or elsewhere in the country, according to the dates of the caucus. During a typical day, she knocked on about 120 doors in the space of six or seven hours, all in hopes of speaking to a dozen people.

This exercise may give rise to conversations “surreal”, she admitted. The figure of Bernie Sanders is far from making the unanimity among the Americans, and many rumors about it.

The volunteer works to restore the facts, and to counter the misinformation in their rounds of door-to-door. She also uses her experience as a Canadian to convince voters of the merits of a public health system. “I ask them how much it costs them per month, what is the amount of their deductible… And the numbers are amazing!!!”, she said.

It’s all in the application

To be involved in the campaign of Bernie Sanders, just download a simple application, “BERN”. This allows you to easily indicate the houses that were visited, the preferences of its residents and, especially, their intention to vote. Scheherazade is used to indicate all its progress, which are instantly shared with managers of the campaign. It is also possible to make calls to probe the ground directly from the application.

In order to facilitate the work of the volunteers, there is also the application “Bernie BnB”, which details the places where the volunteers can be hosted for free during the gatherings, as in caucus in the various States. As for the “Bernie’s Journey”, it is used to plan trips in the company of other supporters.

The next few months

Scheherazade Brennan will be busy in the coming months, as the pace of the campaign of the democratic primary will be accelerated. She hopes to go to California, where Bernie Sanders seems to be in advance, and in Nevada, where his rival Joe Biden is the favorite, if you look at the recent polls compiled by the website RealClearPolitics.

Will continue to be involved during the presidential campaign if he does not become the democratic candidate chosen to face Donald Trump? It all depends on the progressivism of the person who will be elected, she retorted.

In all cases, it is hoped to have the chance to talk to Bernie Sanders by the end of the democratic primary. “I have seen this close, I shook the hand, but I’ve never really met. Maybe one day…”

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