A ramadan that promises to be “difficult” for the muslim community of Quebec

Un ramadan qui s’annonce «difficile» pour la communauté musulmane de Québec

The muslim community of Quebec is on the brink of a month of ramadan, which promises to be ” extremely difficult “, according to Boufeldja Benabdallah, co-founder and past president of the islamic cultural Centre of Québec (CCIQ).

For practitioners, this month is usually synonymous to fasting and night prayers in the mosques.

More generally, it is also – in normal times – an opportunity to socialize and to multiply the visits with family and friends.

“That one is private to our friends, our brothers, our sisters, and our gatherings of prayers, we never had it. It is painful. We should not hide it. It will be extremely difficult this year, ” agrees Mr. Benabdallah.

Paradoxically, ” the people feel good, he adds immediately. It is a contribution and a gesture [the compliance of the containment], which is indicated by the teaching of God to the effect that one wants the good for oneself and for everyone. There is no room for selfishness in it “.

The 5 mosques closed

Mr. Benabdallah stressed the importance for the muslim community, to comply with the guidelines of the public health.

“The government has dozens of specialists behind him. He made announcements are well thought-out. We can’t take the place of the government to decide “, reiterated he.

The decision to close the five mosques of Québec has been taken from the Friday, march 13.

As a precautionary measure, the works that are underway at the great mosque, on the chemin Sainte-Foy, were quickly suspended.

The outgoing chairman of the CCIQ still holds hope.

“Everyone wants it to end tomorrow, almost, avance-t-il. We want it finished before next Friday, but we need to be in phase with the company. This is not selfishness as it is said. “

Ramadan will start on Friday 24 or Saturday 25 April.

For a month, practicing muslims will not eat or drink from sunrise until sunset.

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