A recovery in July for the NHL?

Une reprise en juillet pour la LNH?

Putting definitively discarded the idea of playing in venues that are neutral, the national hockey League (NHL) plancherait rather on a return to work in July by choosing a city-by-section to finish the regular season.

This is what the president of the Panthers of Florida, Matt Caldwell, said during a conference call Wednesday. He added that the meetings would be held behind closed doors. The plan, however, is not yet finalized.

Raleigh (Metropolitan), St. Paul (Central) and Edmonton (Pacific) would be the cities targeted for three sections, according to the network ESPN, while the situation is more nebulous section in the Atlantic, where grows the Montreal canadiens.

Furthermore, 20 cities of the circuit would already have been rejected due to the current situation of the pandemic COVID-19.

Forget the sites neutral!

In this vein, according to information reported by ESPN, the opportunity to play in sites that are neutral, such as in North Dakota or New Hampshire, would now be excluded. Some of the discussions in this direction have taken place, but this scenario would never have been seriously considered.

Several logistical problems were anticipated, then the players don’t seem to be all charmed by the idea. Besides, the general director of the players Association Donald Fehr had said, last weekend, that no discussion had taken place between the leaders of the NHL and its association in the face of possible encounters in sites that are neutral.

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