A resident of Italy paid the price for trying to change your wife after talking to sex chat

Житель Италии поплатился за попытку изменить супруге после общения в интим-чате

The Italian decided to use the chat room for “adult” Dating, but instead of a stranger met in a room at his wife’s sister — she told his wife, and now the man is waiting for divorce proceedings, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the newspaper Messaggero.

A curious case occurred recently in Scafati, in the southern region of Campania. The man became a regular user in erotic chat, which met a woman and appointed her a meeting, located in the neighboring town hotel.

Opening the door of the room, he saw his sister-in-law.

“The first reaction was embarrassment. The man tried to calm the visibly annoyed woman to not report everything to her sister. But it did not work”, — stated in the message.

Wife unfaithful men “didn’t waste any time and decided to put her husband out of the house”— at the threshold he waited for the suitcase with clothes. Then the woman went to a lawyer to start divorce proceedings and to request compensation of moral damage.


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