A resident of Kursk requires the Ministry of Finance compensation for the stolen treasure

Житель Курска требует у Минфина компенсацию за похищенный клад

A resident of Kursk filed a lawsuit the claim about collecting from the Ministry of Finance of Russia compensation for the stolen treasure, reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the Leninsky court.

The man found during a home renovation gold coins of the Nicholas era. He decided to send them to the state Depository, but on the way to Moscow, a valuable cargo disappeared. The plaintiff sought to recover half the cost of the treasure of 2.15 million.

About excitation of criminal case upon loss of a treasure of gold coins was reported in September last year. According to the investigation, Alexander Snegirev found 260 gold coins, the approximate value of the values exceeded 3.5 million rubles.

The first coins were put in a room evidence storage OP-1 Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the region, and then on the court, they were sent to the Gokhran of Russia. At the opening of the sealed box, they discovered it only three spanner and office stapler.

Where the missing values, it is not clear. A year later, the criminal investigation was suspended for lack of the accused.

Now Snegirev decided to go to court to obtain, as required by law, at least half. The money the owner of a private house in Kursk plans to spend on the extension housing.

The first hearings will be held next week.

Earlier it was reported that archaeologists‐lovers paid for found treasure. Treasure hunters from Germany immediately reported his discovery to the authorities, the result was fined for concealing valuables.