A resident of Nepal has the record for number of ascents on Everest

Житель Непала стал рекордсменом по числу восхождений на Эверест

A resident of Nepal, Kami Rita set a world record for number of ascents on mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth. The man climbed to the top in 23rd, according to

Rita is representative of Sherpas, descendants of the ancient inhabitants of Tibet, living in the highlands. The people of this nation often helps the climbers in their ascent, helping to carry things and supplying extreme necessities.

“This is my profession, but I also did it for Nepal. When climbers to conquer the peak, they become famous, but the hard work is done by Sherpas, not to mention no one,” said Kami.

The champion noticed that his people engaged in the repair of ladders, recovery rope, and other equipment necessary for climbing the highest point on the planet.

It is worth noting that the 49-year-old man broke the established previous world record. He first climbed Everest in 1994, and since then almost every year took part in the expeditions.