A restaurant drive-in as in the time

Un resto drive-in comme dans le temps

Pulled pork, cabaret-window and a giant screen, the owner of the Quebec Broue intends to make his parking lot a real restaurant drive-in like in the 1950s.

“You have to reinvent yourself, it is not known how long it will last,” says the owner of the Quebec Broue, Jean-Yves Tardif.

The business man had just to go pick up his cabaret-window that can be hung on the doors of cars.

Since a few days already, Tardif has installed his “box of smoke” in the parking lot of his restaurant on the boulevard Hamel, closed since the beginning of the pandemic. But it doesn’t stop there.

“They bought a big screen 20 feet by 15 on which is going to make the broadcast,” he says, pointing to the back of the parking lot. It will also be the marking lines for parking to allow up to a hundred cars to install.

“We’re going to broadcast sporting events, we are going to look at what you can broadcast according to the rights ; performances of music, etc “, explains the owner.

Its purpose is to make on-screen presentations Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening. “People will be in cars, such as the ciné-parc “.

Service to self

In addition to his box of smoking QB Barbecue, it will put the restaurant’s kitchen used to be able to serve the people directly to the car.

Tardif believes to be able to attract people safe and respecting the rules of hygiene.

“We want to help to try to déconfiner people safely […] It is fun going for walks, but people, it’s been three months that they are taking steps,” he says, laughing.

The latter is said not to have had contact specifically with the City of Quebec to bring its project forward, but he believes that everything will be fine.

“I think the City should be flexible enough to not prevent us from making money,” he said

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