A retired trains with on-board equipment

Une retraitée s’entraîne avec les moyens du bord

With the containment which has messed up their life, the Quebecois must be resourceful. Our readers are witness here to their new daily life, filled with challenges, but also opportunities.

Sit-ups with the help of saddles, jugs of laundry soap by way of weight, return to the rope to dance : the retired Ginette Audet has had to reinvent his way of training since the closure of the gyms.

Containment or not, the 67 year old woman has no intention of sitting on his couch.

And its training program weekly has something to blush several young people who are convinced being in shape.

“I did not merit, I like it ! I experience so many benefits, ” says Mrs. Audet, laughing.

Three times per week, one hour per day, the retiree is running religiously, a program designed by her coach.

Usually, she enjoys the gym in her building to condos in Boisbriand, on the North Shore.

Fertile Imagination

At the beginning of the isolation induced by the pandemic COVID-19, the co-owners could still use the site, subject to certain precautions.

This is now not possible, so that Ginette Audet had to use imagination to continue his workout routine.

As she no longer has access to a treadmill to do its warming, the sexagenarian has set his sights on an old skipping rope that she had not used for a long time.

Since it does not possess the weight needed to its weight training exercises, Ms. Audet has had to find ingenious solutions in order not to lose its achievements.

The retiree has therefore had the idea to use jugs of laundry detergent and fabric softener. A filled container weighs about 5 lbs, she noticed.

The retiree uses so one, two, or four at a time, depending on the exercise to accomplish.

In lieu of a bench, she juxtaposes two poufs, which she extends to do crunches.

She used two cushions to do sit-ups.

It is already a lot, do you think ? This is not all.

100,000 steps per week

Ginette Audet was certainly not going to spend all his days locked up inside because his group of nordic walking may not meet any more.

The energetic retiree has, therefore, undertaken to 100,000 steps per week, with a minimum of 10,000 steps on a daily basis, while walking around her neighborhood with her husband Robert Dupuis.

“I think I have a good batting average “, she summarizes.

Who says better ?

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