A return for Marco Iadeluca

Tout un retour pour Marco Iadeluca

The least we can say is that Marco Iadeluca has not had a return of more relaxing with the Carabins of the Université de Montréal (UdeM).

Named head coach of the Blues in February last, which had served as the offensive coordinator of this team from 2011 to 2018 has had to deal with a pandemic and all that has resulted.

“It is clear that this is not an easy situation. We made several jokes with the administration and the coaches, saying that it was just a return”, said, laughing Iadeluca in the past week.

Considered as an eternal positive, the driver has not changed his way of being, despite the situation more complex.

“We need to find solutions and not to see only the problems,” he added.

His attitude has been greatly appreciated by his players, which had good comments to make. It is half the defensive Shawn Boucher who best summed up the feelings of the athletes who form the Carabins.

“Marco, this is a guy so human and close to his players. It is easy to talk to him. During this ordeal, he has been outstanding,” expressed the one who will begin her second year at the université de montréal.

A collaboration with the other head coaches

An exceptional situation can often lead to exceptional solutions.

This is currently what’s happening in the circuit of university football in quebec. In effect, the head coaches of each course will meet virtually every Friday morning, and this, in order to find solutions for their league. Remember also, that the RSEQ is the only canadian tour who has not cancelled his campaign 2020.

“There is a super nice collaboration at the level of the head coaches here in Quebec, welcomed Iadeluca. We meet once a week and we trade on ideas. It is really cool to see the camaraderie and collaboration between us. We go through a crisis like this for the first time and we all want there to be a season this year.”

“I always say that we are working for a common goal and we all want the best for our programs. We compétitionnons one against the other, but in the end, we all do the same work with our groups of student-athletes.”

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