A sad clown for refugees that he has abandoned

Un clown triste pour les réfugiés qu’il a abandonnés

THREE-RIVERS | clown, humanitarian of the Mauricie region, who had to repatriate to the country, a team of circus performers and has a heavy heart thinking of the refugee camps abandoned by the international aid.

The clown Guillaume Vermette, 32, would like to continue spreading happiness, but he manages to crises all day long. The He takes care of a group of thirty artists, and a few days ago, he had to come out five to a refugee camp in Europe, and the country must remain a secret. Three acrobats, a clown and a musician.

His body, which does not roll on gold, had to pay $ 10,000 in plane tickets.

“Yes, in this moment, I feel helpless, especially disappointed, and a bit exhausted from it all,” let-t-he fall.

Two other humanitarian aid projects which were to be held in the coming month have also been cancelled. “It works with refugees who already live in conditions where their health and their lives [are] at stake, in daily life, and there, it is tenfold with the evacuation of all humanitarian aid agencies. It makes me sad, I get angry, it is my first priority. ”

Guillaume Vermette
Clown humanitarian“>

Guillaume Vermette
Clown, humanitarian


He has no idea of the manner in which the refugees are in the camps, and it makes him a ball in the throat when he feels like it. “It’s been 15 years that I frequent the humanitarian, and I have never seen such drastic measures like that. The bodies were no longer in place with the wars with the COVID-19 “, said he.

This is in addition to the cancellations of nearly all the planned projects in Quebec, notably for performances in NURSING homes and lectures in schools.

He lost for 10 000 $ of contracts and cancellations are piling up.

“It is sure that it is a big blow, but we will get out of it. It will just slow us down for a time, ” he says.

The clown he volunteered until the situation stabilizes. It was fun, this week, to put seniors and vulnerable people in contact with people capable to go grocery shopping. It has also launched a fundraising campaign to help his body get through the crisis, and has raised more than $ 15,000 so far.

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