A sawmill in the Côte-Nord paralyzed by the COVID-19

Une scierie de la Côte-Nord paralysée par la COVID-19

The operations of the sawmill Outardes, Baie-Comeau, have been suspended since Thursday after three employees had tested positive for the coronavirus.

It all started when the first worker came in from outside the region, has contaminated the other two. It is impossible to know at the moment if this contamination occurred inside or outside the workplace.

The integrated Centre of health and social services of the North Shore (CISSS) confirms, however, that one of the three cases is asymptomatic and none of the three people infected have been hospitalized. At least a dozen other sawmill workers are at risk, as indicated by the medical board of the CISSS, Dr. Richard Fachehoun.

“I have a fortnight of close contacts in the workplace, he says. In the community, there are also other contacts. The investigation is ongoing. But what is important is that the public understands. The COVID-19 circulates everywhere on the North Shore.”

All the workers will be detected quickly, promises Dr. Fachehoun, adding that a screening center, a temporary will be installed at the sawmill next week to meet the demand.

The sawmill in “quarantine preventive until Monday”

In the Face of this outbreak, the company that owns the mill, Resolute forest Products has taken the decision to suspend the activities of the factory from Thursday until Monday. This “quarantine” preventive will help disinfect the facilities and to limit the contamination between the employees.

“We controlled the environment of work and hope that people respect the sanitary measures outside of work,” hopes the director of public affairs Solved.

The president of the union of some 120 employees of the factory is not surprised by this outbreak of COVID-19. “Yes, they had put measures in place tighter to ensure that the virus does not fit into the factory. However, it is difficult to predict because there are a lot of people are asymptomatic,” said Bernard Plant.

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