A scenario that would put the NHL in fire and blood

Un scénario qui mettrait la LNH à feu et à sang

If the national hockey League (NHL) has exceptionally introduced a format creative for the lottery pick this year, it was particularly to avoid a scenario that would create a commotion through the circuit.

A team that would win the first selection overall and the Stanley cup because of an expanded format of the playoffs would give rise to a grumbling unprecedented with the general managers of the 30 other formations.

With a lottery made up of two phases, we will fix this problem… or almost. The chronicler of The Athletic Sean McIndoe has inflamed the social networks on Monday night by revealing that there is a scenario in which the New York Rangers could be double winners.

Pursuant to the exchange having sent the defender Brady Skjei in Hurricanes de la Caroline, the Rangers receive one of the two selections in the first round held by the formation of Raleigh, is the lowest. It is important to know that the Hurricanes have the choice of the first round of the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2020, since they have agreed to absorb the contract of Patrick Marleau last summer.

However, the choice of the Maple Leafs is “protected against the lottery”, that is to say, it can be postponed to the following year if it lands in the top 10. Therefore, if the Hurricanes win first choice and that the Leafs will inherit, for example, the second or third selection (both teams must of course have been dragged into the game), the Blueshirts could pick Alexis Lafrenière without even having to tilt at the tour qualifier. Ironically, this is with the Hurricanes as the Rangers will be vying for a place in the real series, on the occasion of a 2-of-3. The Leafs have an appointment with the Blue Jackets of Columbus.

In short, the Rangers could win the lottery and the Stanley cup. The chances of this happening are infinitesimal. The mathematician Micah Blake McCurdy the estimated 0,00275 %.

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