A season turned upside down

A season turned upside down

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only turned the shootings of Autiste, now major, upside down. It affected its protagonists.

Director Isabelle Tincler had started filming this long-awaited sequel to Autiste, soon to come of age when the whole planet went on hiatus in March.

The series shows us how the pandemic has not been easy for many people with autism spectrum disorder. Raphaël, whom we saw at the Prix Gémeaux on Sunday, also returned to live with his parents because he was too anxious to handle the situation well.

“Taking the metro and the bus, it had become too stressful an activity,” explains producer Isabelle Ouimet of Pixcom, the box behind the show.

In the first episode, which will be presented Wednesday evening on MOI ET CIE, we also notice the absence of Malika, who had not obtained permission to leave the center that hosts her to participate in the reunion – in distance – of the participants of the docu-reality.

Present at the meeting, his mother admits to finding the situation extremely difficult. “I know she is capable of living without me, but me, it's the opposite,” she says with emotion.

Big challenges

This is far from the only touching moment in the first 30 minutes of Autist, now of age, during which we get to know Charles-Antoine, a 38-year-old man who is about to move into his first apartment.

His situation sums up the purpose of the docu-reality very well: to expose the challenges that autistic people and their families face once they reach the age of 18.

In another episode, we will paint the portrait of Nathalie, an autistic in her fifties who has to live with her mother in a CHSLD since she has nowhere to go.

Are you worried that in these rather gloomy times, Autistic, now of age, will further undermine your morale? You are wrong. The series deals with serious issues with relevance without falling into the excess of heaviness.

A nice success

In all likelihood, Autistic, now major will be as successful as Autistic, soon major, which attracted an average of 346,000 viewers each week in 2019 on MOI ET CIE.

Sophie Prégent and Charles Lafortune are once again taking part in the project with their son Mathis, as is the comedian Mathieu Gratton with Benjamin.

Discussions about a possible third season are underway.

MOI ET CIE broadcasts Autistic, now major on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 p.m.

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