A seat on the security Council would help Africa, argues Trudeau

Un siège au Conseil de sécurité permettrait d'aider l'Afrique, plaide Trudeau

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia | Get a seat on the security Council of the united Nations would allow Canada to continue to invest in the development of the countries of Africa, argued the prime minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday.

Full tour punctuated by numerous bilateral meetings with african leaders on the occasion of the 33rd Summit of the african Union, Mr. Trudeau ensured that Canada will remain involved on the african continent. He referred in particular to the programmes of fight against tuberculosis, malaria and HIV, but also the invitation that it was launched by african leaders for the G7 summit in Charlevoix, 2018

“We have constantly been involved in aid to Africa and we will continue to be. As I said, a seat on the security council of the UN is a way to be able to continue to do that”, argued the prime minister during a press briefing held in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia.

Mr. Trudeau has pointed out, praising the economy vibrant Africa, that Canada’s involvement is beyond the scope of humanitarian aid. “This is not just development assistance. The conversations that we have in this country to the incredible growth focuses on investments, entrepreneurship, commercial ties”, he said, arguing that increased trade relations between Ethiopia and Canada could bring jobs to the country.

To a seat on the security Council

Canada’s efforts seem to bear fruit in view of obtaining a seat on the security Council of the UN, if we believe that the minister of foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, who is on his third visit in Africa for three months.

“All the leaders with whom we have spoken have a positive bias vis-à-vis Canada. I think that he considers Canada to a constructive position. […] The voice of Canada is inspiring and, from what we hear of the leaders, they would host the Canada on the security Council [to bring the concerns of Africa]”, said Mr Champagne at a press conference in Addis Ababa

“It is important for Canada to be here. We met the leaders, […] people who are familiar with the Canada and Québec. We spoke of the francophonie, climate change, education,” he added.

A support of the president of the Raptors

In addition to be surrounded by ministers François-Philippe Champagne, Ahmed Hussen (Families, Children and social Development) and Mary Ng (Small business, export Promotion and international Trade), Mr. Trudeau was accompanied by the president of the Toronto Raptors, Masai Ujiri.

Born in Nigeria, Mr. Ujiri has retained many links in Africa, including with his foundation, Giants of Africa, which aims to promote the basketball on this continent.

“I support Canada and I support the prime minister for what he is trying to accomplish here. Obviously, I have relationships with leaders here. If we can help, if I can help, it is a way of making the world a better place”, explained the president of the Raptors to the media Friday.

When asked about his citizenship on Sunday, when he stood beside Justin Trudeau at a press conference, Masai Ujiri has stated that he “sees himself as a canadian citizen and also as a son of Africa”.

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