A senator republican said to be reluctant to vote for Trump in November

Une sénatrice républicaine dit hésiter à voter Trump en novembre

A senator republican revealed Thursday to have “evil” to decide to vote for Donald Trump in November, in finding that the indictment corrosive against the u.s. president released by his ex-Defence minister was “true” and “necessary”.

If senator Lisa Murkowksi belongs to the moderate wing of the party and claims his freedom of opinion, such statements, however, remain extremely rare in the camp, a republican, remained largely faithful to the american president during previous crises, including during his trial by impeachment.

Ms. Murkowksi was referring to the hard words, published Wednesday by the ex-minister of Defence Donald Trump, Jim Mattis, who was accused of “dividing” America, shaken by a movement of anger history against racism and police violence since the death of George Floyd, on may 25.

“In my lifetime, Donald Trump is the first president who does not try to bring the Americans,” wrote former general of the Marines who had resigned in 2018.

“I found that the words of general Mattis were true, honest, necessary and were long overdue,” said Lisa Murkowski to journalists at the Congress.

“It seemed to me that we arrive perhaps to the point where we can be more honest vis-à-vis the concerns that we keep inside, and to have the courage of our convictions to say it out loud”.

To journalists who asked him if she had to vote for the re-election of Donald Trump in November, she said: “I still have trouble with this. It’s been long that I have trouble with this.”

Often very critical of Donald Trump, another republican senator, Mitt Romney, has he considered the tribune of Jim Mattis “very powerful”.

But this former presidential candidate and senator, among the very few republican votes to be high in recent days against Donald Trump, most members avoiding since Monday to comment on the management of the crisis and events by Donald Tump, or the words of Jim Mattis.

If he emphasized his “great respect” for the general, senator Marco Rubio said, according to Politico: “This is not like this that I’ll describe, very difficult time that runs through our country.”

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