A separate category of pensioners will get a thousand hryvnia more

Deputy Prime Minister has announced a fixed percentage of payments to the recalculation of pensions.

Окрема категорія пенсіонерів буде отримувати на тисячу гривень більше

In Ukraine, those pensioners, whose pension under the law “On compulsory pension insurance” was more than 5 thousand hryvnia, will add to the benefits a thousand hryvnia, informs Rus.Media.

Such allowances are attributable to a fixed allocation of pensions as a percentage of payments at the level of 17-20%.

Recalculation of pensions is planned for the beginning of March, the pension increase will be in the new formula that takes into account the inflation rate and wage growth over the past year in Ukraine.

This was announced by Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko.

The representative of the government stressed that the accounts of the Pension Fund sufficient funds to implement the recalculation of pensions.

Rozenko also noted that the pension which is below the minimum (1497 hryvnia) will be upgraded to the “minimal salary”, and when converted they will grow even more. The difference going to offset the expense of budget funds. He noted that such payments by age in Ukraine receive 2 million, and such persons “the state guarantees a minimum pension”.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko said that the lack of recalculation of pensions in 2012 led the situation with pensions to the “egalitarian system” where citizens with little experience could get the same pension as those who worked and paid Pension contributions for more than 20 years of his life. This situation was to eliminate the “modernization” of pensions, the first round of which was held in the year 2017, and another one from March 2019.

From March 1, 2019 Ukrainian pensioners again will index their pension payments. Higher pensions will be according to the coefficient that takes into account inflation and average salaries in the country. According to government estimates, this rate of 1,174. This means that the average pension will be increased by approximately 17%.

The Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva stressed that 17,4% of the current amount of pension is the maximum gain, above which the pension in the near future to index the government will not be able.

February 15, the Ministry of Finance introduced the report, that pensions of Ukrainian citizens as of January 2019 has averaged 2.6 per thousand. At the same time, the highest recorded in the pension of former judges is about 28.7 thousand, and the smallest (the minimum pension) for persons with a lack of seniority – about 1.5 thousand UAH.