A series of burglaries in Bavans, a garage owner hit with hammer

    A series of burglaries in Bavans, a garage owner hit with hammer

    A man burgled several businesses during the night from Friday to Saturday in Bavans, in the Doubs. First, around midnight, he enters the Press House of the town by breaking down the door, but without finding any money. He then takes the direction of one of the Bavans hairdressing salons, where he seizes the cash.

    But his misdeeds take a whole different turn at his next destination: gas station, located at 85 main street in Bavans. Once again, after having destroyed the door to enter the interior of the establishment, neighbors hear noise and notify the garage owners, who go there.

    The suspect still on the run

    Caught in the act and in a panic, the burglar violently attacks the manager, aged about fifty, hammer blows. First in the direction of the head, then breaks his arm while the boss is protecting himself. It will take the intervention of his stepfather, also affected on the level of the face so that the hooded man run away in the car. The gendarmes of Doubs have opened an investigation, but this Sunday evening the burglar was still wanted.

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    The two victims, seriously injured, were transported by the Doubs firefighters to the Nord Franche-Comté Hospital. They came out on Saturday morning, but the owner of the gas station had to go back that Sunday to undergo a surgery on his fractured arm.

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