A series of Marvel created by teleworking

Une série Marvel créée en télétravail

The studio québécois Squeeze has stalled a few months ago an important mandate for a new animated series from Marvel Studios which will be broadcast on Disney’s+ in the summer of 2021. The current situation has disrupted the timeline that was in place, but the artisans will be able to deliver the five episodes on the dates requested.

“The whole world, as for Marvel, as at us, was faced with a challenge due to the pandemic. We had to force it to the edge quickly, ” quipped the president and co-founder Denis Golden, in a telephone interview.

The series What If… is based on the comic books from Marvel where the course of the superheroes are completely changed. Spider-Man can be found within of the Fantastic Four, we can send it on the side of the villains and a story may ask, ” what would happen if the character of Wolverine had killed the Hulk. The possibilities are endless.

The artisans of Squeeze working on this new series, when the planet has been shaken by the COVID-19. Unable to continue the work in their studios in Quebec city and Montreal, they had to continue their work at home.

Encrypted data

A situation that has led to a complete reorganization of the work.

“A dozen days, particularly intense, have been necessary to put everything in place. We took the bull by the horns “, noted Denis Dore.

A significant investment in technology was necessary. Telework has led to a share of important technical challenges. It was important, first, to ensure the safety of the work done remotely.

“The data never leave our studios. While, for security reasons, must remain in-house. The data had to be encrypted so that they are secure. This affects the performance of internet networks, ” said Denis Dore.

The other complexity was related to the performance and the speed of the networks with 175 employees in teleworking and who have different needs.

“The people who make the 3D animation need lot of bandwidth and the speed of the network is important for the animators who have to watch things in real time. It was necessary to enhance the lines network of people one by one in order to ensure an optimal configuration. There was no single recipe that could be applied, ” added president and co-founder of Squeeze.


Denis Golden-specifies that all goes well and that productivity is at the rendezvous. There are even people who have served to be more productive working at home.

In addition to the five episodes of the series What if… Marvel, Squeeze is working on different projects in parallel.

“We have reorganised our production schedules and the game plan with our various partners. For What if…, the project was well-launched, but the pace has slowed a little in march, April and may. We will be able to make up for the delay by the end of the year and at the beginning of 2021. We’ll get there and we will deliver it on time, ” promised Denis Dore.

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