A shipment of toilet paper catches fire after an accident

Une cargaison de papier de toilette prend feu après un accident

HUTCHINS, Texas – A shipment of toilet paper, this product is at the heart of countless stock-outs due to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus, is gone up in smoke following an accident that occurred early Wednesday in Hutchins, Texas.

According to what reported by the local media, taking care to specify that it is not a hoax of April 1, a truck driver speeding on Interstate 20 in the early morning, towing her precious cargo to San Antonio, when he is simply asleep at the wheel.

By doing this, the truck has collided with a wall and a shed on the side, before taking fire.

A part of the cargo remained stuck in the truck and was reduced to ashes. Many rolls are also found scattered everywhere on the floor.

The driver was traveling in the company of his dog, Moochie. Both were unharmed in this mishap, said the “Dallas Morning Star”.

Just as in Quebec, the Americans flooded into the toilet paper in march, when the COVID-19 has begun to spread in North America. A judge has even had to impose, in the county of Dallas, a limit of purchasing a maximum of 12 rolls per person to calm the ardor of the people who made provisions, for fear of running out of toilet paper, said the “Dallas Morning Star”.

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