A shooter makes more than 13 deaths in Nova Scotia

Un tireur fait plus de 13 morts en Nouvelle-Écosse

A shooter has made more than 13 victims, including a police experience of the RCMP, and has led the police in a huge manhunt that lasted nearly a dozen hours, Sunday, Nova Scotia.

It all started Saturday night when shots were reported to an address of Portapique, a small community near Truro, on the edge of the bay of Cobéquid.

At their arrival, the officers located “multiple dead outside and inside the house,” explained the superintendent of the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP), Chris Leather. Subsequently, the police have visited a number of addresses in the town, including buildings on fire, in search of the shooter.

Mr. Leather could not specify the total number of victims, claiming that he did not know. “Some places have not yet been investigated,” admitted the manager, adding that the investigation is still ongoing.

The suspect, Gabriel Wortman, a man of 51 years old, led police in a pursuit that ended on the ground of a service station Irving Enfield, about thirty kilometers north of Halifax, at around 11: 40 a.m., local time.

The assistant commissioner, Lee Bergerman has announced, meanwhile, that a female police officer with 23 years of experience, Heidi Stevenson, is among the victims. It leaves in mourning his spouse and two children.

Another officer was wounded, but his life is not threatened, there were specified. The circumstances surrounding the death of the police officer and the injuries suffered by his colleague have not been specified. However, the RCMP has acknowledged that at some point in the night from Saturday to Sunday, gun shots were exchanged.

Supt Chris Leather has not extended to the conduct of the police operation, but he argued that, at least during part of the evening, the man was armed and he was wearing a police uniform, at least in part. The police had revealed earlier on Sunday that the suspect was moving, for a moment, at the wheel of a car of the RCMP. “This shows that his action was planned”, was suggested by Mr. Leather.

The prime minister of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil, said the event is “one of the acts of violence of the most senseless of the history of the province.”

“We are in shock that such an event could occur here in Nova Scotia and it is a heavy burden to bear, in addition to the COVID-19”, he added, approaching his point of press on a daily basis the progress of the pandemic in the province.

Fake police officer

Throughout the morning, the RCMP detailed in direct the movements of the suspect on its Twitter account, mentioning his visit to Glenholme, Debert, Brookfield and Milford, between Truro and Halifax.

For a moment, the police reported that the man was at the wheel of a patrol car of the RCMP bearing the identification number 28B11 to the rear. However, it has not been clarified if it was a car authentic or vehicle makeup.

Any door to believe that Gabriel Worthman was a denturist. According to the association of denturists of Nova Scotia, it has two dental centers in Dartmouth and Halifax. It possesses also three properties at Portapique, according to the registrar of the owners of Nova Scotia.

Gabriel Worthman was considered “armed and dangerous”. It was described as a white man, measuring 1,88 m (6 ft and 2 inches), and is bald with green eyes.

Several politicians have expressed their dismay at the result of the event.

“My heart goes out to all those affected by this terrible situation. I would like to thank the police for their hard work and the people for their cooperation with the authorities”, said the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, at a press conference Sunday afternoon in Ottawa.

“We are in shock that such an event could occur here in Nova Scotia and it is a heavy burden to bear, in addition to the COVID-19,” responded his side the premier of Nova Scotia, Stephen McNeil.

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