A show of “Girl Power” at the Carnival

Un spectacle «Girl Power» au Carnaval

Five women DJS will be performing on the rue Jacques-Parizeau to the Electro fret of the Quebec winter Carnival, Friday night, for the second edition of the event. The organisers promise an evening of “Girl Power, electrifying and flamboyant”.

For this new edition of the Electro fret, the artistic adviser André Verreault gave a lot of trouble to present artists of the decks of international stature.

Thus, the lovers of electronic music will be able to jiggle to the sounds of the American Kendoll and the Parisian Lady Style, before closing the evening with the Ukrainian Juicy M. From their side, the DJ québec Shieldie and Ryan Playground will launch the festivities.

Thousands of spectators were moved to the Grande Allée, on Saturday evening last, to see the first of the two parades of the Carnival.

The “fret” to provide

“Last year, it has been a very big success. Girls, it puts the party. I have the impression that they are more kneaded [the DJ male]. And yet, we don’t see enough!” said Mr. Verreault, in an interview with The Journal.

What’s more, pyrotechnic effects and fire artists will warm up the carnival-goers, while it provides a mercury oscillating between -15 and -24 degrees Celsius in the evening of Valentine’s day.

“A nice honor”

For Shieldie, a native of Quebec, it is “a nice honor” to mix in front of the people of his region and alongside artists international, at the Carnival.

“I was really, really happy! To be part of a “line-up” with DJ’s internationally recognized, that I know of and that I am for several years, it is amazing!” lance-t-elle.

Although she has never played his songs in an outdoor event, during the winter, she said that she was horny and ready to try the experience.

“It’s going to be special, we will dress warmly ! she says with a laugh. But I have the impression that people will still respond better and dance because they are going to want to warm up.”

Shieldie will propose a style of “House music”, while adding “winks” of songs known through his songs, to attract the curiosity of spectators.

► Electro fret will begin at 18 pm, Friday evening, on the rue Jacques-Parizeau, and will end at 23 h. Each artist will consist for a period of one hour.


2e Carnaval

  • 15 February, 19 h to 21 h
  • Large Driveway (between Maple and Honoré-Mercier)

Visitors will be able to observe the eight sequences of the show, each more spectacular than the others. A parade of a few hundred artists will scroll with, at its head, the traditional chariot of Man.

2e Carnaval Latino

  • 15 February, 20 p.m. to midnight
  • Restaurant Salsa

In an atmosphere reminiscent of the Caribbean, Latin-dance, the Southern food and festive rhythms drunken the carnival-goers. Rusdell Nunez will present his show latino Cuba in the skin!

Activities for carnival of the Domaine de Maizerets

  • 14, 15 and 16 February, from 10 am to 16 pm
  • Domaine de Maizerets

Winter enthusiasts will attempt to climb the tower in 3D exterior, drag, using a zipline and learn about the various winter sports. A prize will also be offered to the one who will create the most beautiful snowman.

The Festilumières carnival

  • 15 February, 18 h to 21 h
  • Aquarium du Québec

The Festilumières offers a walk outside in a journey illuminated majestic. Marine animals, slides for children, and musical ambience will be of the party. The enchanted forest will present, for its part, the structures of the animal forms and light projections.

The ball of Ice cream

  • 15 February, 22 h to 3 h
  • The Drag Cabaret Club

The Dredge will display a winter theme, while the drags and artists as varied will be performing on stage. For more knead who would like to do waltz their queen or their king, two dance floors will be accessible.

Keys N’ Krates

  • 15 February, 21 h to midnight
  • Cabaret of the bay of Beauport

The music group is toronto’s Keys N’ Krates will be the star of the Evening with the electro of the bay of Beauport. He will be performing in ” a decor totally nuts “.