A simple exercise for slim legs and toned buttocks from Anita Lutsenko

Summer is soon and it’s time to prepare your legs for beach season!

Проста вправа для струнких ніг і підтягнутих сідниць від Аніти Луценко

Until the end of winter only a few weeks, and that means it’s time to have her figure. Nothing will help as the sport, so we recommend now to get back to the activities. This opinion is shared by the famous fitness coach Anita Lutsenko. On his page in Instagram presenter shared a simple exercise that is pumping the legs and buttocks, informs Rus.Media.

“Exercise of the day! For the legs and buttocks. Squats on a chair. 3 sets of 20. Rest 30 sec. Before exercise easy miles warm up 1-2 minutes,” advised Anita to his followers. Watch the video, repeat and enjoy the results!