“A singer of her no”: the Russian actor’s chances Samoilova at the Eurovision song contest 2018

The actor stressed that Yulia Samoilova no song data

"Співачка з неї ніяка": російський актор оцінив шанси Самойлової на Євробаченні 2018

Famous Russian actor and blogger Stanislav Sadalsky has criticized the initiative to send to the Eurovision song contest 2018 from the Russian singer Yulia Samoylova, reports Rus.Media.

66-year-old actor, who is famous for his straightforwardness, said that Russian officials “never cared for what wheelchair users are unable to enter almost no one house that the government are not equipped with ramps-ramps for them.”

“But they are very worried about is that the disabled person Samoilov are unable to go to the Eurovision 2017! Here, only the PR and speculation on disabled and nothing more. What special song data? Of course, it is a triumph over his illness, but that does not mean that our country will be a representative is really able to surprise and enchant. A singer of her no” – he said.

Later, in comments to Russian propaganda publication Sadalsky confirmed my opinion of the representative of Russia at “Eurovision”.

“That said, he said. In “the Voice” (Russian analogue of the Ukrainian “voice of the country” – ed.) as fantastic people, they are all shot, but still not allowed on stage new voices and we as before see the same soup set “Galkin-Kirkorov and Basque “in Basque Kirkorov-Galkin” – he concluded.

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