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Une sœur d’armes montréalaise

Netflix has appealed to the actress in montreal Sylvia De Fanti to play the role of Mother superior in its adaptation of the popular graphic novels Sister of weapons.

The novels Sister of arms (or Warrior Nun in their original version), go to introduction among fans of manga and epic graphics. Yet, Sylvia De Fanti was not aware of the existence until she received the script for the television adaptation.

“I am not a great connoisseur in the matter. But as soon as I started doing research, I discovered the extent of the phenomenon. And I had the vertigo “, she confesses, laughing, from Italy, where she remains for several years.

Religious armies

In Sister’s arms, a young woman who died in these mysterious circumstances is miraculously brought back to life by a nun. Now endowed with superhuman powers, she discovers that she is now – and in spite of it – part of a secret society with a mandate to fight the forces of evil in the name of the catholic Church.

Sylvia De Fanti plays the Mother superior, mentor to the sisters-in-arms, who will help the young rookie to learn his new duties and skills.

The followers of the graphic novels will discover however a whole new version of the character, Mother superior, having undergone several alterations before I finally take to life on the screen. The major change ? Usually blind, she has the sight to the needs of the tv series.

“I was nervous because the character is very well known, and it is in presenting a version very different. But its essence remains the same. She is a strong woman, a woman who commands authority. It is from these aspects that I’ve created my own version of the Mother superior. And I believe that it is well received, ” says Sylvia De Fanti in fluent French.

Attachment to Montreal

In interview to the Newspaper, Sylvia De Fanti admits to keep some memories of Montreal. His family left the metropolis when she was young, settling first in Panama, then in Hong Kong and Rome. The actress has then resided for a time in Paris before settling down on the land of his ancestors, in Sardinia.

Still, his attachment to his hometown is real.

“I’m very close to the quebec culture. I’ve always had this sense of attachment to Montreal and its artists, such as Robert Lepage or Wajdi Mouawad “, she says.

She adds in the same breath have originally planned to spend a portion of the summer in the metropolis. The pandemic of sars coronavirus will, however, thwarted his plans.

“But this is only a postponement “, let it fall.

The series Sister arms is available on Netflix.

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