A slap on the fingers for a broker

Une tape sur les doigts pour un courtier

A mortgage broker in Quebec who purchased confidential data on 5000 customers of Desjardins comes to bailing a fine of $ 5000 and will be able to continue to exercise. A sanction that the watch-dog of the industry deems ” particularly lenient “.

Marc-Olivier Tanguay had pleaded guilty to have purchased for $ 3000 to a USB key containing information from the flight information of Desjardins.


According to the summary of facts, the seller was a certain ” J.-L. L.-M. “, which corresponds to the initials of Jean-Loup Leullier Mass. It is he who would have resold the stolen data to Desjardins, as was revealed in our investigation last October.

The discipline Committee of the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec “considers […] particularly lenient to the recommended sanction,” said its decision.

It has, however, been the subject of an agreement between the trustee and Tanguay, who has collaborated in the investigation and presents a low risk of recurrence, depending on the decision. “The Committee […] is unfortunately of the opinion that it has no other choice than to follow the common recommendations […]. “

“Criminal networks “

The members of the Committee are still bitter about the attitude of the respondent.

“Such gestures are involved and encourage the creation of criminal networks structured identity theft and constitute infringements on privacy,” they say.

The Committee expressed concern that ” the imposition of a mere fine, quite low, moreover, having regard to the expected profit, encourages dealers unscrupulous to continue to participate in such networks, not seeing that a single additional charge to be paid “.

He said he is “especially concerned” that this decision may create a precedent in the matter.

A former partner of Tanguay, Mathieu Joncas, should rightly come before the Committee from 20 to 23 October next.

He is suspected of having acquired a large part of the stolen information to Desjardins.

The administrative Tribunal of the financial markets attempts to suspend the licence of his accomplice and alleged, the insurance broker Francis Baillargeon-Bouchard, who is accused of having paid $ 40,000 for these data.

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