A sniper from the army, Yarosh had received the order from Poroshenko. How to kill child of the businessman Soboleva and who did it

Снайпер из армии Яроша, получивший орден от Порошенко. Как убивали ребенка бизнесмена Соболева и кто это сделал

A photo of a man who could shoot a three-year Sasha Sobolev1 December in the center of Kiev – at the restaurant Mario – I shot the jeep of the owner of the restaurant, a businessman and Deputy of the Kiev regional Council from BPP Vyacheslav Sobolev, killing his 3-year-old son Sasha.

Police tracked down the killers after the day after the incident – they are 20 years old, this military “Ukrainian volunteer army” – the former “Right sector”. It became known later that one of them is a professional sniper.

Today, however, the police gave a briefing where he revealed details of the crime. “Country” also published a photo of the killer, who got on camera.

Next, we collected information about the crime and those who were able to make it.

Shot Sobolev, killed his son

We will remind, it became known about the crime yesterday.

On Sunday around 17:30 on the corner of Leo Tolstoy and Tarasovskaya shot the SUV Range Rover, at the wheel which was a famous Donetsk businessman Vyacheslav Sobolev with his family: wife Inna with 3-year-old son Sasha were in the back seat. Later the police said that the car sat another woman, a relative of Sobolevym.

According to Sobolev, it all happened very quickly, when they left the restaurant and stood at the traffic lights. The driver heard the shot, then started screaming his wife Inna. When the man realized what happened, ran out with the child in her arms and began to scream for help. The ambulance took the baby with a gunshot wound to the head in the hospital, but the child died on the way.

Obviously, the killers shot at those who sat in the front seat of the car, because the gunshot residue was left on the front side window.

According to Sobolev, immediately after the attack on a place of incident there were flowers. Who brought and left on the road, is unknown.

Снайпер из армии Яроша, получивший орден от Порошенко. Как убивали ребенка бизнесмена Соболева и кто это сделал

The first action of the police was to cordon the territory of the tape and interviewing witnesses of the incident. They also combed the area with dogs and watched the street surveillance camera to recreate what happened.

One of the witnesses remembered how it all happened. The woman was driving near the scene of the incident, and saw everything with your own eyes: the ambulance brought the child was heard crying woman. “I understand it was the mother of that child, and she had this smile… I Know she was hoping for and I couldn’t believe that it happened to her child,” she told reporters TSN. Sobolev himself confirmed the information about his son’s death.

Investigators have classified the incident as murder and have opened proceedings under article 115 of the Criminal code of Ukraine. The investigation involved the investigators of the Main and of the Shevchenko police forensic laboratory and the handlers.

Reconstruction from the police

As it became known “the Country” from its own sources in the police, the call about the crime came to him at 16:59. And the caller said he had shot at the car “Lexus”. However, when a visit to the site revealed that this “Range Rover”.

Witnesses testified that the shot came at 16:50. He was the one. The bullet hit the child’s head, which was on the rear seat went in over his left eyebrow and then clean through the head.

Shot through the side window on the driver side. The bullet also pierced the headrest of the front seat. That is, was aiming for Sobolev and child, apparently by accident.

The shot was fired from the hostel room No. 310, located on the street Tarasovskaya, 4. It is established that the specified room was rented in the name of Strelnikov Oleg Vladimirovich, 03.10.1998 year of birth, passport which is lost from 2017.

At this address is capital hostel Fire Inn.

In the room found a cardboard box with a cutout for the firing, on which there were traces of powder gases. In a minute after the shot was a potential killer left the premises of the hostel. This is a freeze frame from a video camera, where to discern his face.

Снайпер из армии Яроша, получивший орден от Порошенко. Как убивали ребенка бизнесмена Соболева и кто это сделал

At a distance of 10 metres from the car found a bouquet of flowers.

Also police chiefs today held a briefing on this issue. Told that the killer was detained this morning. There are two of them: 1999 and 2000 year of birth. One of them hails from Western Ukraine.

Also found the weapon from which the sniper shot. This rifle 7.62 caliber is the standard caliber for a sniper rifle.

Shot, as reported by the “Country” of the leased premises.

According to police, worked through family, financial and professional activities of the victim.

Fighters Of Cherven. What is known about the killers

After the arrest of the killer, the media reported that they came from the “Right sector”, where he served under the commander of “Red”.

The police at the briefing refused to comment on this fact nor denied it. However, the information earlier confirmed the “Cherven” – 41-year-old Andrew Gergert, the second-in-command “of the Ukrainian volunteer army”, formerly DUK “Right sector” and obey Dmitry Yarosh.

“And Labraga, and Semenov was with me. Andrew Lavreha Callsign Quiet was a soldier of the battalion from 1 June of the current year. Courageous, responsible man, one of the best snipers in this war. Precocious talent. Reasonable. He was awarded the state award by the President Poroshenko,” – said “Cherven”.

That Laurey there is such an award from Poroshenko – the order “For courage” of the 3rd degree, – have confirmed in the Network.

Снайпер из армии Яроша, получивший орден от Порошенко. Как убивали ребенка бизнесмена Соболева и кто это сделал

Снайпер из армии Яроша, получивший орден от Порошенко. Как убивали ребенка бизнесмена Соболева и кто это сделал

However, as found Country, Cherven “little” mistake with the dates, – the fighter Andrey Lavreha Callsign Quiet served in the UDA with at least 2017. And was even wounded, however, his during the practice firing on the range in the Zaporozhye region.

Andrew Levrage do 20 years – he was born 19 Jun 1999 in Khyzhyntsi village, Cherkasy region. Went to Cherkasy at school. In 2014 participated in the events on Maidan in the ranks of the Right Sector.

However on the early childhood to the ranks of “combat” units of the SS in 2014 was not hit. But as soon as turned 18 in 2017, went to fight in the UDA. In 2018 fell into 8 separate battalion UDA Aratta. Where it really proved himself as a skilled sniper.

According to sources, the “Country” in the police, the fatal bullet at the car of Vyacheslav Sobolev on December 1, released from the rifle is Andrew Lavreha.

Spotter killer, was also a soldier from the battalion UDA Aratta – the surname Semenov from Odessa region. It is a little information, because according to sources, the “Country” in the police, namely that Semenov was not only a spotter, but also directly performed the role of liaison between the contractor – Laurelai and the customer of murder Sobolev.

Who is the Sobolev and whom he crossed the road

Vyacheslav Sobolev, a famous Donetsk businessman, who back in the 90-ies he founded the first in Donetsk, the network of supermarkets “Glutton”. Business was often accompanied by conflicts up to the bombings at the stores.

For some time he was Deputy mayor Alexander Lukyanchenko, but then joined the Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc. Then took a position in the office of the Council of national security and defense of Department of state security. And in 2010 he became Deputy head of “Naftogaz”. In 2015 he became Deputy of the Kiev regional Council from BPP.

Снайпер из армии Яроша, получивший орден от Порошенко. Как убивали ребенка бизнесмена Соболева и кто это сделал

Recent years against the Sobolev waged an information campaign to discredit. Due to the fact that the network is “Glutton” continued to operate in Donetsk, he was accused of collaboration with the “DNR”. But Sobolev stated that he sold the business in 2007.

In his misadventures Sobolev accused Arthur Emelyanov – former judge of the Supreme economic court, with whom he had a sharp conflict on the basis of the business section. According to the “Country” the conflict is still ongoing. And it also said the controversial ex-MP from the Radical party Dmitry Linko, who participated in 2017 in the falsification case against the editor of “Country,” Igor Guzhva.

For more information about conflicts Sobolev can be read in the material “In Kiev killed 3-year-old son of a businessman Soboleva. What is known about the crime and what his connection was to have ex-judge and ex-MP”.

The businessman said in an interview that he’s raising five children, including sons David and Alexander and stepdaughter of Mary (which he had specified in the last Declaration for the year 2018). The boy who killed the killers, the Sobolev son from his third marriage with the native of Vinnytsia region Inna the Wilczynski, owner of “Gallery platinum”.

Снайпер из армии Яроша, получивший орден от Порошенко. Как убивали ребенка бизнесмена Соболева и кто это сделал

Godmother of the deceased baby was the famous Ukrainian singer Irina Bilyk. She published a post about mourning the godson on his page in Facebook.

Снайпер из армии Яроша, получивший орден от Порошенко. Как убивали ребенка бизнесмена Соболева и кто это сделал

Alexander Sibirtsev

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