A snow storm is approaching the USA and 4 more news that you might have missed Author: Alina Voronina news events events USA

 A snow storm is approaching in the USA and 4 more news you might have missed

A famous rapper was shot in Memphis. & # 34; Horned & # 34; the shaman was sentenced to 3 years in prison for storming the Capitol. On New Year's Eve, Times Square will only allow the fully vaccinated. Chronic pain will begin to be treated with virtual reality glasses. Read about this and other news today in the digest of USA.ONE magazine:

A blizzard is moving in the USA

And Washington state is still struggling with the consequences & # 34; atmospheric river & # 34 ;.

Snow storm will cover the Northeast next week

 A snow storm is coming to the USA and 4 more news you may have missed

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Meteorologists warn that a potentially devastating blizzard is expected in the central and eastern states of the United States early next week. It can lead to travel problems for millions of Americans on Thanksgiving weekend. According to AccuWeather chief meteorologist John Porter, residents of the northeast are at risk of unrest and trouble on holiday travel.

It is not yet known how the storm will behave, but according to one of the scenarios, from Monday to Wednesday, heavy snow will fall in northern Wisconsin, parts of Minnesota, northern Michigan, northern Indiana, partly in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York and Maryland. In another scenario, heavy rainfall is expected in the Midwest from Sunday to Monday. By Tuesday, the storm will move north into the Northeastern Inner States.

At the same time, there may be no snowfall in large cities of the Mid Atlantic and the Northeast, but heavy rains are not excluded. They will flood streets and highways. According to meteorologist Paul Pastelok, the blizzard will be accompanied by heavy winds, making it difficult for Interstate 95. Bad weather could disrupt air traffic at major hubs. The storm should be abating by Wednesday, but airlines may still face canceled flights.

 A snow storm is coming to the USA and 4 more news you might have missed

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Earlier on Monday, November 15, an & # 34; atmospheric river & # 34; collapsed into the Northwest. Heavy rains and strong winds have led to evacuations and school closures across the region. A state of emergency was declared Monday evening in Washington state. Floods and landslides have closed part of Interstate 5 in the Bellingham area. Three cars were under the rubble, there were no casualties.

158,000 people faced power outages and hundreds more were displaced from their homes. Search and rescue operations were carried out throughout the state. Within a few days, 10 cm of precipitation fell in Washington, and in the near future this figure may double. District mayors expressed their gratitude to volunteers, dispatchers and doctors at the & # 34; ambulance & # 34; for timely assistance in eliminating the consequences of the disaster.

A famous American rapper died in a shootout

 A snow storm is coming to the USA and 4 more news you might have missed

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Young Dolph was shot dead from a nearby store in Memphis, Tennessee. The rapper was shopping when they opened fire on him. Arriving at the scene, the police found a lifeless victim. According to them, the murder of a rapper is another example of brutal gun violence that US residents face locally and nationally.

In September 2017, they tried to kill the rapper. Then three people were arrested, suspected of the attempt. At the moment, it is not known who and for what reason dealt with Yang Dolph. The investigation continues.

& # 34; Horned & # 34; shaman received 3 years in prison for storming the Capitol

 A snow storm is coming to the USA and 4 more news you might have missed

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Jacob Chensley, 34, became one of the most visible participants in the storming of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Dressed in a fur hat with horns, & # 34; shaman & # 34; QAnon has become the & # 34; symbol of the barbarian crowd & # 34 ;, sneaking into the Senate building. He posed at Vice President Mike Pence's desk. After his arrest, Jacob asked for a pardon from Donald Trump, but did not wait for leniency and spent all this time behind bars.

According to the lawyer, Chensley suffers from low-grade schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder. He was sentenced to 3 years and 5 months in prison. Also, & # 34; shaman & # 34; must pay 2 thousand dollars for damage to the Capitol building, and when released, he will be under the supervision of the guards for another 3 years.

Virtual reality glasses will help to cope with chronic pain

 A snowstorm is looming in the US and 4 more news you might have missed

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The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved treatment of chronic back pain in adult patients with virtual reality glasses. They can only be accessed with a doctor's prescription. The system includes breathing exercises designed for 8 weeks. The duration of the sessions ranges from 2 to 16 minutes.

In a trial of experimental treatment, 66% of the volunteers reported a one-third reduction in pain and 46% reported a half-pain reduction. It is planned that virtual reality sessions will be widely adopted for the treatment of people suffering from chronic back pain.

Only vaccinated people will be able to celebrate the New Year in Times Square

 A snowstorm is looming in the US and 4 more news you may have missed

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During the virtual briefing, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that this year the beloved New Year's Eve will take place in Times Square with the traditional falling of the ball. But only those who present a certificate of full vaccination against COVID-19 will be able to visit it.

& # 34; Hundreds of thousands of people will gather to celebrate the New Year 2022. We can finally be together again. It will be great! & # 34; – added the mayor.

According to Times Square Alliance President Tom Harris, vaccinations against coronavirus will be checked on all visitors over 5 years old. People for whom vaccination is contraindicated for medical reasons will have to present a negative PCR test for COVID-19. Recall that last year the streets of New York were almost empty. The city authorities urged people to watch the balloon fall on TV.