A solution to protect health-care workers

Une solution pour protéger le personnel soignant

Three canadian firms, two of which are in quebec, are launching a study to test a product that would protect the nursing staff of patients with the COVID-19 waiting for a possible vaccine.

Keyrus Life Science and Diex Research, whose premises are located in Québec, have great hopes in a solution of nitric oxide called NORS, created by the firm SaNOtize.

This solution, if the tests prove positive, would be the first antimicrobial agent to the topical non-systemic [who does not enter the blood system] used to prevent bacterial diseases, fungal and viral, including the COVID-19.

The product would be delivered in the form of a solution of gargle, of nasal sprays and nasal washes.

Safe and effective, it is said

Its repeated application in patients with chronic sinusitis was shown to be safe and effective, does it.

“Our treatment is much like a disinfectant for the hands, but applied in the nasal passages. The device looks a bit like the Sinus Rinse, ” says in the interview, Jean-François Bélanger, director of business development in North America of Keyrus Life Science.

Interesting results

Trials have also demonstrated the effectiveness of the solution when tested in vitro against different viruses such as influenza A, hCov-OC43 and H1N1.

In view of these findings, the researchers believe that the application of NORS could be beneficial in the fight to the COVID-19 reducing the risk of infection.

“When we had the SARS crisis, [a similar solution] has been used in patients who were in intensive care and it worked. Given that there is a genetic similarity between the two diseases, the assumption is that it could disable the virus directly to his entry into the body, ” said Mr. Bélanger.

It should be noted that it is not a remedy against the novel coronavirus, but rather a supplementary protection until a vaccine comes along.

Test the effectiveness

As early as the first week of June, 300 people who are regularly involved with patients who are infected by the COVID-19 will be recruited in Quebec city, Joliette, Sherbrooke, and Vancouver to test the effectiveness of the solution in a real situation.

“What we seek, what are health care workers who are in areas of outbreaks. Then, we landed in volunteers and give treatment to prevention, ” says the Newspaper, the director-general of Diex Research, Stacey Keet.

“If they catch all the same [coronavirus], we continue the test by observing whether the solution can be used to alleviate the symptoms. But the emphasis is really on prevention, ” concludes Jean-François Bélanger.

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