A son is not like the others

Un fils pas comme les autres

After Agatha Christie, the chapter disappeared and Days hot in Key West, who returns to an episode in the life of Francoise Sagan, writer, French-Brigitte Kernel looks at the fate off-standard of the third son of Ernest Hemingway.

For a start, a small question : of all american writers, which is the one that, according to you, symbolizes the best male virility ? Yes, we agree. Ernest Hemingway. Because in addition to having seduced a great number of women over the course of his life, the author of the Old man and the sea has also been war correspondent, a hunter of wild beasts african, amateur bullfighting, and fisherman of big fish. Not to mention the boxing, a sport that he loved to practice. So, it’s difficult to imagine that Gregory Hemingway, his third and last son, was able to prefer from a young age the dresses to pants. Or that one day, he would choose outright to be called Gloria… even if he had to his credit eight children and four marriages with three different women ! Such as The secret Hemingway allows us to discover all this, however, is beautiful and well produced.

“I wanted to talk about the difference, explains Brigitte Kernel, it was able to reach the phone in her home, in Paris. 20 years ago, we hardly talked about homosexuality, and today, we can notice exactly the same thing with the transgenrisme. It’s going to take decades before it is accepted and I wanted to open a window, talk of the difficulty immense to be born a woman in the body of a man or born a man in a woman’s body. I’m not an activist. I’m just human, and I’m trying to understand the difference. I know that transgender children are still rejected, and I am delighted to have written this book, because it was necessary to do so. “

A long and difficult journey

In The secret Hemingway, you will immediately, therefore, the knowledge of Gloria. Who rots in a prison cell for women Miami-Dade, waiting to be judged. Once again, after having drunk too much, she could not resist the temptation to undress in public. And surprisingly, he remained on it over much of the Gregory that she had once been. “Before beginning his transformation into a woman, Gregory has waited all of his children to be great, stresses Brigitte Kernel. It was someone very tender, very sweet, and he would not have wanted them to suffer, or that people make fun of them because of him. “

This explains why Gregory will operate only in 1995, at the age of 64 years. Or why, before becoming an official Gloria, it has long been followed by psychiatrists, received electroshock — it could provide him with the ideas in place ! — and drowned in the alcohol and its disorders of gender identity. “In the Islands to drift, Ernest Hemingway, speaks of Gregory as a man, stating, however, that there were areas of shade terrible,” continues Brigitte Kernel. But he does say that it. Even if he loved his son, Ernest Hemingway could not be said in company that he understood, and that, because of the character manly that he himself was made… “

To write this book, including the main challenges were to identify the personality of Gregory/Gloria, and to determine at what point its actions were to be feminised, Brigitte Kernel has not wanted to meet the people who have well-known in his lifetime.

based on the reality

“As I was among other things obliged to invent a lot of things on the decor or on the last days of Gloria in jail [she died in October 2001 as a result of cardiovascular disease], I didn’t want censorship, she says. I rest the more respectful as possible, but I’m a novelist. When I tell for example his life behind bars, I wasn’t there to know exactly how Gloria spent her days and I had to improvise. But I met the psychiatrist that Gregory had seen in France after drinking, making pranks appalling and was embarked on the Sainte-Anne hospital. The secret Hemingway is a book based on a true story. “

A story that is mostly really touching, and reminiscent of at what point the difference can be extremely difficult to wear. Yes, a thousand times more than a pair of stiletto heels !

Brigitte Kernel
Editions Flammarion
318 pages”>

The secret Hemingway
Brigitte Kernel
Editions Flammarion
318 pages

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