A special mandate to the Health for Dominique Savoie

Un mandat spécial à la Santé pour Dominique Savoie

The ex-deputy minister for Transport controversial Dominique Savoie was sent as reinforcement to the ministry of Health, announced the government on Tuesday.

The news, first broadcasted by the analyst of VAT New Mario Dumont, has been confirmed officially by Quebec in the course of the day.

The one that has made headlines in 2016 will take up the post of director of State management of health care resources.

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“Ms. Savoie will ensure the smooth running of the actions in link with the operational aspects of the Department, including infrastructure, equipment, and supplies”, explained the government by press release.

Dominique Savoie was made known to the general public in 2016 when she has been criticized for his management of the ministry of Transport spoke whistleblower alert and analyst Annie Trudel and by the auditor Louise Boily. The deputy minister had stated, in particular, that she did not have to comply with the directives of the minister of Transport of the time, Robert Poëti.

The Coalition avenir Québec had also tried hard for the under-minister of the Savoy in 2016, after the latter had delivered his version of the facts.

In the aftermath, she had been dismissed in the ministry of Transport and shelved, while keeping his salary of $ 210,000 per year. However, the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions had decided not to file charges against Ms. Savoie in 2017, in particular in connection with the allegations of production of false documents and intimidation to which she was facing.

Mrs. Savoie had finally returned to service in February 2018 as a deputy minister in the ministry of Energy and natural Resources

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