A special spirit of Osaka: what was agreed by G20 leaders

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


Japanese Osaka ended 14th summit of G20. He did not bring breakthrough solutions. But a lot of the participants agreed that the global trading system should become more perfect, but climate issues require particular attention, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Anna Derkach.

Russia is ready to fully implement the Paris agreement on climate change. The rest of the country in solidarity. The US has its own way of struggle against natural changes. Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked America to support. The owner of the summit, Japan calls on world to reject plastic. In the press center, the restaurant on the summit – separate bins for garbage.

“For many years I don’t use plastic, I do not take plastic bags in shops, plastic bottles of water. If I’m plastic bottles, I will wait and won’t drink water. The less plastic the better,” said a reporter for the Canadian broadcasting Corporation Evan Dyer.

On the sidelines of the summit has its own atmosphere – Japanese. The guests were offered to try dozens of types of sake. The program was the ceremony of making the famous now in Russia matcha.

At the final press conference, more questions about foreign policy. Putin said, justified his expectations, a meeting with Donald trump.

“Good meeting – business, pragmatic. We basically covered the whole list of issues that are of mutual interest. This applies to economic relations, which are in poor condition,” he said.

Asked Putin about the talks with British Prime Minister Theresa may. A supporter of sanctions and isolation of Russia asked about the meeting. He said that while Russia will not stop hostile interference in the Affairs of other countries, those normal relations with it.

“We have no aggressive intentions against anyone,” – said Putin.

The head of the Russian Federation confirmed that Mei “expressed its position in a fairly rigid form”. “I told her the Russian position on a number of issues that are irritants in our relations”, – Putin said. He stressed that Russia’s actions between partners will always be mirrored.

Russia and Saudi Arabia have extended the contract of OPEC+ – another end of the second day of the summit. The next six months, the country will continue to cut oil production. With President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan talked about the economy. The trade turnover is growing, the mutual flow of tourists, too.

“Travel exchange is growing. Last year it was six million tourists from Russia to Turkey. This is a record figure. We tourists are not greedy, know how to relax. Income Turkish partners amounted to five billion dollars. I think that a large-scale programme for the current year of culture and tourism in Russia and Turkey will lead to new achievements in this direction”, – said Putin.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a meeting with Putin looked relaxed. Ailments, as on other occasions, experienced. The conversation continued without the cameras. At this time, held the most anticipated meeting of the summit – China and the United States agreed to trade a truce.

Symbolic hammer blow to the Japanese Prime Minister closed the 14th summit. His country hosted the G20. Vladimir Putin is convinced that the forum was worthy of you. Gave a special spirit of Osaka.

According to the results of the bilateral meeting with Vladimir Putin, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said strengthening cooperation between the two countries in the fight against cyber threats and money laundering.