A spy chinese alleged arrested for visa fraud in Los Angeles

Un espion chinois présumé arrêté pour fraude au visa à Los Angeles

A chinese scientist suspected of espionage in a u.s. laboratory has been arrested at Los Angeles airport as he was about to return to his country, announced Thursday the authorities.

According to the prosecutor’s office of San Francisco and the FBI (federal police) local, Xin Wang is a medical researcher wishing to conduct research at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) where he presented on u.s. soil in march 2019.

During his interrogation by the border police, he would have admitted to be an officer of the chinese army and working in his country for a military laboratory, say the american authorities.

According to documents of justice, Xin Wang would have received instruction from his superiors to observe the design laboratory at UCSF and then reproduce it in China.

The researcher would also have erased the messages on his mobile phone before reporting to the Los Angeles airport, where he was arrested on June 7, before boarding for a flight to China.

He is accused of visa fraud and faces up to ten years in prison if he is convicted.

This arrest occurs in full resurgence of tensions between the United States and China about the pandemic of COVID-19, and of economic and commercial matters.

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