A start pushed back in the best-case scenario

Un départ repoussé dans le meilleur des scénarios

The hope of the season is always present, but the sports of the fall of the academic network does not begin according to schedule.

A decision not later than the 31 August will be taken to determine if there will be a season with a schedule adapted or no season at all.

In the best of worlds, there will be a calendar adapted, summarised the CEO of the RSEQ Gustave Roel. Because of the many uncertainties affecting the public health, the plan of stimulus of the various federations and the presence or absence of students on campus, the status quo was not possible. With the cancellation of the Vanier Cup and in the semi-finals in canada, we have two more weeks to the end of November to complete our schedule. It would be irresponsible to announce that we will begin the season as expected, then, that we still do not have the right to play. “

The soccer camps were expected to begin on August 14 and the first game of the season between the Green & Gold and the Carabins had to be played on the 28.

“The 12 universities are working hard to keep to a schedule this fall, but none of them can yet to confirm his presence, explained Roel. As for the football, there is no guarantee that the five teams are present. For the moment, only the soccer Federation can play. For a sport, there could be a decision earlier than the 31 August to start the activities. Universities preparing health measures for the players and the various stakeholders. They are also preparing for a second wave. It should be understood that the facilities of some universities are not yet open. “

The return of Bishop’s ?

The evolution of the pandemic and the restrictions that might be revised downward will dictate the response of the 12 universities, as is the attendance of students in the classroom. “For the moment, even if the decision is not yet official, seven universities 12 want to bet on a hybrid model where students will have courses to distance and on-site in a lesser extent for the laboratories, has confirmed Roel. Four offer courses only at a distance and the other will focus on lessons in class. The lack of students does not mean that there will be no life on the campus. It is the next decision that universities will have to take. “

The level of football, the Gaiters of Bishop’s consider the possibility of returning in the RSEQ is at the moment one year since the calendar of the Atlantic to the sports of the fall is cancelled.

“Bishop’s is assessing its options, but it is already a good sign that they are around the table. They evaluate all the possibilities. “


On the side of college and school, we hope to present a normal schedule.

“Institutions want to give himself a margin of manoeuvre and they will not take a decision before their meeting in the second week of August, underlined the CEO of the RSEQ. They take a chance to compete in a regular schedule. The activities of the college teams can continue. The rule of a distance of two metres does not touch players 18 and under. “

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