A story that makes you think

Une histoire qui fait réfléchir

Without actually being a dystopia, the fifth novel by canadian writer Lori Lansens tells the story of the nightmare of two teenage girls falsely accused of having detonated a bomb in 2024.

It all started in 2015, when the businessman and television host and broadcaster Donald Trump has decided to run for the presidential elections. At that time, most people had a very hard time believing a guy like this could one day be at the head of the United States. But when he saw that he worked really hard to achieve this, the writer Lori Lansens could not help but imagine what would happen if. “My first draft was, however, well short of the reality,” she says. Since his election, Trump has uttered all kinds of obscenities against women and has openly displayed his positions anti-abortion. If he was re-elected and became even more powerful, things could go much further, and my fifth novel was a passionate response to all that. I have a teenager at home, and I am frightened at the idea of seeing them evolve in a world that violated the right of women. “

After we have shaken with the very singular The girls (who draws the portrait of two sisters conjoined twins, frankly endearing) and given a hell of a cold sweat with The lost (which tells the trials and tribulations of four hikers lost in the mountains), Lori Lansens offers us This small glimmer. A novel which takes place in 2024 in an America where the religious right holds the front of the stage. To such a point that abortion is outright illegal, young girls are obliged to remain virgins until marriage and that married women no longer have any authority within their homes.

The opposite of a fairy tale

Like the family Kardashian, Rory Miller and her best friend Feliza Lopez – aka Fee ! – live in Calabasas, in the county of Los Angeles. Or rather, lived. Because since a few hours, they must hole up in an old tool shed in order to escape the drones, the helicopters and the bounty hunters who were introduced to their research. The reason for this ? During the Ball of the purity american, where all the girls must now take a vow of abstinence in the presence of their father, a bomb exploded in the very chic christian school of the Sacred Heart. And even if they have absolutely nothing to do with it, Rory and Fee will be immediately accused of having made the shot.

Thanks to the old laptop that a good samaritan will accept of their loan, they will be able to follow live everything that happens and is said on social media. They will learn three things : their new nickname (the ” Vauriennes in Versace “), they are already criminals the most sought-after in the United States, and that a zealot reverend has promised a reward of one million dollars to anyone who will contribute to their capture.

In other words, the situation could hardly be worse ; and to try to understand how they have been able to get there, Rory will begin to tell on his blog called” This little glow – his life before : shopping with girlfriends, the strange scene she witnessed a few days earlier, on the evening of the Ball, the explosion, his frantic escape to the sides of a Fee in a pitiful state, and all the hours of pure terror that follow each other since.

From the written to the screen

Used to write scripts, Lori Lansens knows exactly how to we river quickly to a seat. “As the story evolves quickly, my main challenge has been mainly to adapt the voice of Rory in the circumstances, while finding the right tone, she says. By chance, I remember very well my own adolescence, and I had no trouble finding this part in the both elated and confused me. ”

Under his pen, Rory turns so gradually into a true heroine. Not only because it will do everything possible to escape the hordes of religious fanatics who stalk, but because it will try to its way to show how the world in which it lives can be treacherous and misleading.

The good news ? The rights have been purchased by the production company Universal, this story should soon be the subject of a television series.

This book can be ordered online starting April 21.

Lori Lansens
Éditions Alto
368 pages”>

This small glow
Lori Lansens
Éditions Alto
368 pages

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