“A stunning defeat” — Times compared the Americans to leave Syria with the fall of Saigon

«Ошеломительное поражение» — Times сравнила уход американцев из Сирии с падением Сайгона

The U.S. military withdrawal from Syria, it is no coincidence that is associated with the fall of Saigon 45-year-old, I’m sure the middle East correspondent for the Times, Richard Spencer. As the Vietnam war, the Syrian conflict has become for the USA a military adventure launched for ideological reasons and ended with the retreat, the author writes. However, if leaving Vietnam was later rewarded with the fall of the Soviet Union, it is unclear what trump expects compensation for the defeat in Syria, the journalist says.

«Ошеломительное поражение» — Times сравнила уход американцев из Сирии с падением Сайгона

Reuters”somewhere in the Eastern Syrian desert, American soldiers jump in their helicopters — they are the last person removed from the mission approached its premature and humiliating end” — so starts an article about the withdrawal of American troops from Syria middle East correspondent for the Times, Richard Spencer. As the author notes, the locals who worked for Americans, no doubt, will beg to take them with you, because their future in the “political universe controlled by either the Syrian regime or Pro-Turkish militias”, looks vague.

Although this time the “Exodus” is less visible Parallels with the fall of Saigon 45-year-old can’t be a coincidence, the journalist said. “Then, just as now, the American military adventure launched for ideological reasons, ended in a retreat,” recalls Spencer. The difference is that today the us military was defeated in battle, and of American politics — the ability to strategic thinking.

According to the correspondent of The Times, the withdrawal from Syria — a failure not only of Donald trump. To intervene in the Syrian conflict decided by his predecessor Barack Obama, who was in constant indecision as to how it should happen this intervention, and trying to find “the perfect solution for obviously imperfect conflict”, while the other players used more simple schemes.

In the age of Obama the United States sought to overthrow the regime, but did not want to achieve this by military means — the only effective. They were arming the rebels, but this armament was not enough to win the battle, it was only enough to make them a target for the regime forces or jihadist groups. They also threatened the regime of retaliatory action in case of use of chemical weapons, but in reality did nothing.

Finally, Obama made the decision on the Alliance with the militias of people’s protection Units — the Syrian wing of the Turkish Kurdistan workers ‘ party, — “the lesser of two evils” in the fight against “Islamic state”* while not supporting the aspirations of the Kurds for autonomy and never try to use diplomatic or economic leverage in order to persuade Turkish President Erdogan to agree with such an outcome.

However, no matter how confusing the “zigzag” policies of Obama, Donald Trump managed to beat him, the author notes. Given that the US guarded area in Eastern Syria has been inherited from the predecessor firm statement from the US could provide her semi-official status — it was George the elder Bush with Iraqi Kurdistan in 1991, but trump has chosen not to do so.

Indeed, trump’s decision to withdraw troops was in keeping with his campaign promise to withdraw from the Middle East, however, was at odds with the promise to keep the pressure on Iran and America’s interests on the part of the opposition to Russian influence, emphasizes the journalist. Both Russia and Iran have Syria’s strategic interests. Moreover, the area liberated by us forces, Iranian militias opens wide ground path directly to the Israeli border.

According to the correspondent of The Times, the middle East for the trump is no longer a priority — as well as Southeast Asia ceased to be a priority for President Nixon by the time of the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam. As the author reminds, in this time, Nixon had negotiated with China, “reshaping Eurasian and world politics for a generation” and the events in South-East Asia was a bloody red herring in “the long game to contain the Soviet Union.”

“President Nixon was busy with the international chess game, moving pieces which had the head of his foreign Minister Henry Kissinger. Only 15 years later, the humiliation of the last days in Saigon was replaced by triumph after the fall of the Soviet Union,” writes the author. It is unknown what kind of compensation calculates the trump for this “stunning defeat”, and whether he has any plan, the journalist says in conclusion.

* “Islamic state” (IG) — declared a terrorist organization by the decision of the Supreme court dated 29.12.2014.

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