A sturdy distribution for the feature film, zombies of “Brain Freeze”

Costaude distribution pour le long métrage de zombies «Brain Freeze»

The set of the zombie movie “Brain Freeze” can revive from Sunday. The director, Julien Knafo will turn his work for 25 days, taking advantage of the opportunity to lead Roy Dupuis, Iani Bedard, Marianne Fortier, Simon Olivier Fecteau, Anne-Élisabeth Bossé, Stéphane Crête, Claudia Ferri, Louis-Georges Girard, Mahée Payment, Marie-Lyne Joncas and Mylène Mackay.

After having collaborated with the writer Jean Barbe, Julien Knafo will images their original story, that of a population turned into mutants due to a contaminated water by a fertilizer used for a golf club remains open year-round. Become orphan, a teenager named Andrew must fight for his survival and that of his sister barely one year old. His path crosses that of Dan, a security guard, fiftieth anniversary.

“This is not a film genre free, but a committed film, camped out in the air time and that carries a message of hope and openness to the other,” explains the director in a press release.

A few weeks ago, Simon Olivier Fecteau has indicated that the character which he has inherited is a popular radio host trash who wants to broaden his audience.

Associated with a number of film projects including the soundtrack to the feature film “The swamp” and “Truffle” Kim Nguyen – Julien Knafo among other things, part of the four heads that have turned the drama “Lucidity passenger” released in 2010.

“Brain Freeze” should be presented to moviegoers in the spring of 2021.

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