A successful barbecue at the time of the déconfinement

Réussir son barbecue au temps du déconfinement

It’s nice, it’s hot and the gatherings of 10 people from three different households are allowed to from today everywhere in Quebec. Many Québécois are happy to déconfiner have already planned their first barbecue of the year this weekend. But, how do you make your meals is not transformed into a party of the COVID-19 ? The Journal has consulted several experts, so that you can prepare your meals with peace of mind.

Keep your distances

If you live in the suburbs, keep a distance of two metres with your friends may be easier than if you live on The Plateau-Mont-Royal. “In Montreal, the backyards are pretty small. May-be that a park offers more space, ” said Dr. Christian Jacob, president of the association of microbiologists of Quebec (AMQ). For him, a barbecue is not conducive to the port of the cover face. “We talk about eating and drinking, therefore manipulate the mask every ten minutes. I don’t see this as a problem, ” he explains.

As for public toilets

If you have to use the toilet, “it is as if it were a room of a public bath,” says Dr. Jacob. However, there is no need to disinfect everything after each use. “We close the faucet and open the door with a towel and it was thrown before going out “, he adds. Hand towels are disposable like a paper towel would be best.

Preparation of the food

Once cooked, the food does not pose a problem, but you are not obliged to cook your steaks like shoe boots. The person who prepares food must thoroughly wash their hands and have no symptoms, ” explains Dr. Jacob. The regional director of public health in the National Capital, Dr. François Desbiens, goes even further. “You prepare dishes, you wash your hands, and you put on a cover face. The routine of putting her to cover face and hand washing prevents a lot of the transmission of the virus, ” he recalled on the waves of QUB radio Thursday morning.

Establish clear rules

We all have a friend or a loved one a little more ” rebel “, but the person who receives it should establish rules of hygiene are clear. “When we find ourselves in a group we tend to all look and do as the other does, thinks Dr. Jacob. If there is someone who does not respect the rules, it will have a tendency to do as he did, especially if it is a person in a position of authority. ”

Each with its utensils

This is not the time to think to save themselves from the dishes by lending its utensils and its plates. To avoid contamination, Dr. Jacob offers one single person to do the service (yes, we know, it is boring for it) ; the same goes for alcoholic beverages. “If everyone uses the same tongs to serve and you’re 10, it is as if the 10th person had touched the hands of the other nine,” adds Dr. Weiss. He also believes that it is possible that everyone can serve themselves with their own utensils, provided that you do not have them licked before.

Think of the other

You cough and you sneeze constantly ? Should perhaps think to cancel your reunion with cousin Fred and his children. “It is necessary to have a certain social consciousness. If you have symptoms like the COVID-19, we do not go there, ” says Karl Weiss, president of the Association of medical microbiologists-infectious disease physicians of Quebec.

Wash dishes in hot, soapy water

No need to bring your own ” kit ” of dishes, but you will have to think wash with hot soapy water (try to choose a person other than the person who did the service). “It is common sense to tell you to put gloves on to rid the dishes and put directly into the dishwasher,” says Dr. Weiss. The use of disposable dishes is possible, but you have a good chance of you do judging by your children who practice zero waste.

Not all at the same time in the water

Your host to a swimming pool and more ? “The coronavirus do not like much water. In addition, the pools are often highly chlorinated, ” says Dr. Weiss. He said that the problem is not that your pool turns into a soup of COVID, but rather to be too close when swimming. “It should not be that we are all in a swimming pool at the same time. In a natural pool, if you are three in it, it is probably the maximum, ” he says. For the tubs, and lakes, it’s the same : it is necessary to maintain a reasonable distance.

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