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    Jérôme-Philippe and Ousmane training Dubmatique will occur in the framework of the International balloon festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu this evening, from 20 h.

    Vanessa Guimond

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 06:00

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    A few months ago, Jérôme-Philippe Belinga and Ousmane Traoré, as the fans of Dubmatique know under the pseudonyms Disoul and CTOS, were far from imagining that they were going to put their feet on the stage, eight years after their last concert. Tonight, they renew yet with their audience for the third time in a few weeks, a privilege of which they acquire greater extent, today.

    “It is beyond all expectations,” said Jérôme-Philippe, when asked about the progress of his summer, in an interview.

    For the artist, who, as his accomplice, leads an orderly life out of the spotlight since 2010, the reunion with the fans of Dubmatique were of the most moving, on the 17th of June last, on the large outdoor stage of the FrancoFolies de Montréal.

    “It was a show rich in emotion. I had almost tears in his eyes, as the reaction of people was positive “, he told.

    It was only after a passage noticed in the emission mode Salvail, in march, and then a great interview with the Journal, the following month, that things have quietly begun to put in place, in view of the return on the boards.

    “Our challenge was to go back 20 years back with this same energy, stressed Ousmane, his accomplice. We had to come back with everything that was Dubmatique, at this time there. “


    Indeed, The strength of understanding, an album that has propelled Dubmatique at the top with 125, 000 copies sold and which has crystallized its status as a pioneer of hip-hop, in Quebec, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

    Although the interest that door the public is intimately linked to nostalgia, Jerome-Philippe, and Ousmane, both of which have passed the quarantine, rejoice to see that the fans still consider it ” relevant.”

    “I believe that the Francos we have put in the right train, since we have had the opportunity to meet our audience and to see that this relationship has not deteriorated, over the years,” said Ousmane.

    “For us, it has been a challenge, to our beginnings, to convince people that hip-hop in French, it could be done,” added Jérôme-Philippe. We experienced several moments where we thought, ‘ it passes or it breaks. Well ! this evening (17 June), for us, it was a bit like that. We wanted to give all that we had and to show that despite the years, it was still inhabited by the flame of hip-hop. “

    Wyclef Jean

    This evening, at the International balloon festival of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, the two acolytes will happen right before Wyclef Jean, an artist to whom they owe an immense respect.

    The ex-Fugees account, even among the few members of the industry to have received a mock-up of The force de comprendre in 1997. Made funny : the exchange took place in a Mcdonald’s restaurant, formerly located on rue Sainte-Catherine, in Montreal.

    “It was a meeting of unusual (…) I shoved someone. So I apologized to her and raising her head, which I saw ? It was Wyclef, there, in front of me, ” said Jérôme-Philippe, amused by the memory of this encounter completely coincidental.

    “I starts the conversation with him. I told him, in English : “Hello, Mr. John, how are you ? Sorry to have you shoved, I was too concentrated”. I took the opportunity to give him the cassette of the model of The force of understanding. “

    This ” hanging “, which led to an evening spent in the backstage of the concert given by the star to the Metropolis, that day will remain forever etched in the memory of the musicians.

    “Destiny’s Child was the first part of the show, when Beyoncé was little known, if not completely unknown, in Quebec, he added. Looking back on it now, today, we say : “Wow, this is crazy ! If we had known !” (laughter) “.

    The following

    One thing is for sure : the members of Dubmatique will enjoy every second spent in the company of their fans, tonight, since it is the last concert in their calendar, this summer.

    “It is now that we realize the privilege that we have, said Ousmane. In 20 years, we have had a great chance to do what we did (…) The audience is still there and it is valued a thousand times more. It is a gift from heaven. “

    With regard to the creation of new material, the group will approach things his way, now.

    “Today, we are no longer obliged to make records to make music, said Ousmane. We are lucky enough to have found our audience, to know where it is. This will be more simple for us, without any intermediary, to be able to send messages and make songs. “

    More information at the address facebook.com/dubmatiqueofficiel/.

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