A supporter of the war in the Donbass or “Balkan hawk”.

Whom the United States may appoint the Ambassador to Ukraine and that it will change

Сторонник завершения войны на Донбассе или "балканский ястреб".

In January, Ukraine change of the US Ambassador. Photo: the U.S. Embassy in UkraineIn the next month in Ukraine can send the new U.S. Ambassador.

After the scandalous resignation of Marie Yovanovitch, which soon became one of the witnesses in the impeachment trump, Embassy about six months was led by chargé d’affaires William Taylor (another “antithrombosis” witness).

From 1 January Taylor needs to leave his post formally under American law, the deadline by which he could work on a temporary basis a maximum of 210 days. In reality, he was unlikely to remain in office after testifying against trump in Congress, and translate it to the rank of full Ambassador was not originally planned.

Attention to the appointment of an Ambassador to Ukraine has increased after the scandal with corruption in the U.S. Embassy, which trump has accused of plundering billions of dollars under the leadership Jovanovic together with “yet”. And the President needs in this position your the person who is investigating the sensational case.

General and other Hilton

Already called the names of the candidates for the post of Ambassador in Ukraine, for which there is a struggle between Republicans and trump on one side and Democrats with the state Department on the other.

According to the liberal Politico, the next U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine could become a Lieutenant-General in the resignation of Keith W. Dayton, who allegedly like Trump. Now Dayton is the Director of the European centre of research in the field of safety George Marshall in Germany, associated with the Pentagon. He has served in Kyiv as a senior Advisor on defense issues.

The other likely candidate – diplomat Philip Reeker, who, according to rumors, was to replace Jovanovic in winter 2018. He is now acting assistant Secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs is a very serious position. In fact, he oversees the whole vast region on behalf of the state Department.

“Country” wrote about Ricker. At one time he worked in Macedonia, was in charge of Kosovo and has earned the reputation of “Balkan hawk” for tough sentences to solve problems. He also has the glory of the party-goer who attends glamorous parties and leads friendship with stars like socialite Paris Hilton.

In the case of appointment to Ukraine, according to our close to state Department sources, both will push for a policy of tightening relations with Russia and, on the background of this confrontation, to strengthen the impact on Ukraine may hinder reconciliation in the Donbass.

However, according to other information, and Dayton, and the Ricker chances to occupy an armchair of the head of the diplomatic mission of the USA in Ukraine is minimal.

“Both are lobbied by opponents of the trump, it is the representatives of the old guard in the state Department. I think this is the information discharge to prevent to pass a Senate vote the candidate who supports the White house. But it’s doubtful. Mid-January is scheduled to visit to Ukraine the head of the state Department Mike Pompeo, which obviously by that time I will bring a new Ambassador, and special representative, and two or three senators who will be part of the inter-parliamentary Commission of investigation of corruption at the Embassy,” said “Country,” a former people’s Deputy Andrey Artemenko, which is in contact with the team trump.

Former CIA and instructor dobrobatov

According to Artemenko, candidate to the post of Ambassador from trump is the Michael Kostiv, a former CIA officer with Ukrainian roots who was fired after a strange scandal. Supposedly in 1981, he caught the supermarket stealing a package of bacon for two dollars. He resigned and the charges were later dropped. And in 2004-2006, he returned to the CIA as counsel to Director of intelligence.

At the same time Kostiv was working in one of the world’s largest oil and gas corporations Chevron, he held the position of Vice President for global government Affairs. Also worked with Republican Senator John McCain and they say that Kostiv noticed McCain to the Ukrainian question (by the way, McCain was bound and former special representative of the Walker).

Now Kostiv is the Vice-President of the American Association of petroleum geologists and the adviser of the Director of National intelligence.

Special envoy for Ukraine, according to Artemenko, can become Corey mills – military man, who visited our country in 2014 as an instructor dobrobatov.

Previously, he served in hot spots and conflict areas in Iraq, Kurdistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kenya, Ecuador, and Somalia.

Former military owned weapons companies in Florida, Virginia, and Washington, which send ammunition, weapons and military technology to Iraq, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Congo and Ukraine.

Mills admitted to the state secret according to the U.S. state Department and other government agencies.

In Ukraine, he came, when he headed the Pacem Solutions (consulting in the defense sector), where he conducted “consultations on the issues of electoral security, the Prime Minister of Ukraine” (probably talking about Arseniy Yatsenyuk), as well as guarding the U.S. Ambassador during presidential elections in 2014.

In his responsibilities also included consultation throughout Ukraine, including Donass. According to the source “Country”, mills also engaged in training as a military instructor to the Ukrainian dobrobatov in the area of ATO, where he met with interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

And Kostiv, and mills in the last six months, has called the possible candidates for the position of Ambassador or special envoy. Both are considered loyal Trump.

Information about Costive as the main candidate on a post of the Ambassador in Ukraine confirmed a former employee of the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States Andrei Telizhenko, which is now close to Rudy Giuliani, the lawyer trump.

“According to trump, it Kostiv could open up a complete picture of what is happening in the Embassy, and to improve relations with Kiev and to restart the political relations of our countries. Kostiv has influence in the Ukrainian Diaspora in USA and has extensive experience with Ukraine, engaged in military sphere, well aware of what is happening in the East of Ukraine. He advocates a speedy end to the war in the Donbass, he knows how to do it with his experience in international relations, and he has the “ear” of the President of the United States – direct access to the Trump. And this is perhaps the most important for the Ambassador – the opportunity at any time directly to talk to him,” says Telizhenko.

There is another compromise candidate. According to Artemenko, is the current Deputy chief of mission in Ukraine Christine Quinn, who had replaced Jovanovic after she hastily withdrew in may this year. Before sending in Kiev, she was Deputy chief of U.S. mission in France.

Now she can replace Taylor – and become a temporary attorney or even a full-fledged Ambassador.

“It is considered neutral, and therefore has become one of the candidate for the position of Ambassador,” says Artemenko.Alexander Kharchenko

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