A-t-on solutions?

A-t-on des solutions?

Good, if summarized.

The national hockey League is studying two scenarios. The first suggests a direct passage to the playoffs and a format involving 24 teams for the tournament of the summer.

The second recommends an immediate end to the regular calendar and the presentation of a playoff using the current formula.

The owners will discuss it. The new committee of players, formed for the protocol to return to work, will inform the members of their association.

This is for scenarios.

Now, how can we get that to respect the regulations in force in Canada and in the United States ? Priority, everyone buys the two scenarios.

However, the problem is that it does not seem to have solutions. When one is unable to restrain a rival as devious as the COVID-19, unless to adopt very strict rules, including separation, containment, quarantine, the port suggested that a cover-up face, the prohibition of collection, testing, repeated testing, how can we then get 500 players, and also more than 200 employees, and group them in four cities, and do not challenge a rival as tough as sneaky, a rival of which we do not yet know the weaknesses.

How can we ensure that we comply with all the instructions ?

It is often said : the only certainty is the uncertainty.

Trump applauds

Donald Trump is happy. He welcomes the UFC for the presentation of the evening in Florida, on Saturday. The bleachers were empty, but live sports is back.

The president should first know that the fights of the UFC require only two athletes in the octagon. And, again, one of the participants in the evening of Saturday had to forfeit the game.

Why ?

It has been declared positive.

Maybe the president should consult his / her medical expert, dr. Anthony Fauci, who noted the other day : “The virus will decide when we can go back to normal, if we can’t guarantee the complete security of the participants, this is take big risks. “

The chair discussed with the members of the various professional sports leagues strongly suggesting a return of the activities, but, is he aware of the seriousness of the situation in his own country, when we tolerate the déconfinement in several states despite the danger of another outbreak, it may explode at any time ? Don-t-he two employees of the White House who have been declared positive ?

An opportunity

Pierre Karl Péladeau is perfectly right. There are teams who will struggle to meet the challenges that face the professional teams in the coming months. The formations belonging to large corporations will not have any trouble. But, there are other concessions whose owners have bank accounts least well trimmed which will question whether they can continue the adventure.

If the NHL tries by all means to make a return to competition, if it wants to take the money of the tv, this is to ensure the survival of some organizations.

The equalization system will not be able to save the teams in difficulty. Therefore, there is an beautiful business opportunity that is emerging.

However, there is a little catch for the canadian teams : the dollar to 70 US cents will be a major problem. However, a few years ago, the league had created a system to help canadian teams when the dollar was at a very low level. And 40 % of revenue comes from canadian teams, it is necessary to believe that we will go out again to the chain.

Oh, it is true, there is also the trust account where the players must compensate for the shortfall.

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