A team and two faces

Une équipe et deux visages

The Impact will return to Montreal after having been eliminated from the tournament for the resumption of the MLS by Orlando City SC on Saturday night. We can say that the Blue-white-black finished the tournament as it began, with a performance without glare.

Between the two, we had two meetings a bit more encouraging, but no more.

Thierry Henry has spoken many times of the delay accumulated by his team on the other clubs in the MLS in terms of preparation.

It is true that the Impact has waited a long time before you get the permission of the public Health in order to resume the workout, but it doesn’t explain everything.

It is not for nothing that during the duration of the tournament, Henry said that it was games of preseason. It is to be hoped that there will be a sequel to this tournament in the coming weeks.

The work

The truth is that the Blue-white-black is in the middle of the season of transition, and a number of indicators confirm this.

Already, we began the year with a new coach who needs to implement new principles of play and adapt to its workforce while beginning to shape it according to its objectives, and it is a mission that takes time.

It is thus necessary to be patient in order to take shape the vision of Thierry Henry, a good head of football which deserves that one leaves work.

But he also deserves that you put the right items in her hands. The sporting director, Olivier Renard, seems to have some flair, and these two men could develop an interesting partnership. It is necessary to give them a few transfer windows to reshape the team.

Too homogeneous

Let’s forget about the meetings preseason, which served mainly to make tests, experiments.

Let’s focus our attention on the first five meetings before the confinement. The team launched signals of interest.

We had a training that was fighting for the ball, who wanted to have possession of the ball, what we don’t really see Orlando in this tournament.

It is necessary to ask what, then, is the true personality of this team that has shown two faces to be very different.

But what emerges is that there may be a little too much consistency in this alignment, too many players with the same character.

You see, this team is a little too nice, and in professional sport, unlike the life of all days, this is not always pays to be too nice.

No bite

The other problem that must adjust Thierry Henry is one of the game in the corridors.

He has worked with a defense of three centre-backs to boost the hallways at the vast majority of games this season.

He tried the defence with four defenders with mixed results. He turned back after half of the match against Orlando.

For a second time in the tournament, Orji Okwonkwo is returned on the bench after 45 minutes. There is no animation in the corridors, which isolates the forwards and midfielders line.


Henry has been hammered several times, he tries to find the right balance between the production of offensive and defensive play.

The only problem is that they simply lack something that his training is effective and threatening offensively.

Too often has there been an incursion in the half opponent without the ball carrier has support to remain in the game.

There is a sterility in the offensive game of the Impact which is becoming a real handicap.

There is no one to take the initiative, a bit like Marco Di Vaio, Nacho Piatti and Didier Drogba have done in the past.

And it must be said, Bojan is not a leader of offensive. Rather, it is a good support player.

In touch

Dwyer is K. O.

Orlando City SC has said on Sunday that the attacker Dom Dwyer would be out of service until the end since he has left the bubble to undergo an examination by magnetic resonance in the left knee.

Because of the quarantine period, Dwyer returned to the house. He has not participated in the last two matches of the team. Heavy loss to Orlando, since Dwyer claims 81 goals and 19 assists in his MLS career.

Bruce Arena’s expelled

Bruce Arena is an old road from the MLS and is generally able to control his emotions.

He has lost the card at the end of the match between the Revolution of the New-England and the Union of Orlando as its Revs have lost by a score of 1 to 0.

Possibly frustrated by the turn of events, Arena has received a red card for verbal abuse towards officials.

The story does not say precisely what he said to be shown the door. It is, therefore, to say that he will miss the next match of his team.

Pareja believes in Mueller

The coach of the Orlando City SC, Oscar Pareja, has great confidence in the potential of his young striker Chris Mueller, who has scored three goals in four games since the start of the tournament.

“I don’t want to pour out praise, because he knows that there is still a lot of work to do, but the most important is that it has the will to become a great player. I believe he has the talent to become a player for the national team, ” said Pareja.

“It is a process of growth. He learns to move between the lines, it enters the surface, he uses his tools, and he understands better the game. There are still a lot of work to do, but it’s going in the right direction. “

The BMO Field in the bubble

While the Toronto FC, Orlando, BMO Field was requisitioned by the national hockey League, which prepares its own bubble in toronto for the playoffs.

In fact, a large part of the site of the national Exhibition was closed for her to be a part of the bubble of the NHL. This is particularly the case for a hotel that is located there.

It was also included BMO Field since the players will have access to go train outside.

Help for Moreno

A group of supporters of D. C. United has launched a campaign sociofinancement to come to the assistance of a former player of the club, Jaime Moreno.

The retired 46-year-old has suffered a strange injury while playing golf, that could make him lose an eye, and he has no insurance to pay for the cost of the care it needs.

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