A technology that gives hope

Une technologie qui donne espoir

If it was not for the union of forces of two quebec companies at the forefront of the latest technologies in the middle of the tv, the show It’s going to go well would never have seen the light of day. The production is based on a technology of cameras and transmitters, which was, until now, rarely used in Quebec. And it seems to be a solution in good shape for the resumption of filming in the context of a pandemic.

This technology, it is LiveU, a wireless camera system that uses the internet or cellular networks to perform a transmission of high-quality images almost without delay, according to the rules dictated by the CRTC.

This latest camera technology is arranged in a housing, with a transmitter, a microphone and headphones, which, after having been decontaminated, is delivered to the guest artists each day. The ease of use allows them to make it all work themselves, with help at a distance. It is also used by the facilitators Marie-Soleil Dion and Fabien Cloutier.

It’s going to go well Marie-Soleil Dion and Fabien Cloutier conduct interviews at a distance, like here with Guylaine Tremblay.”>

The facilitators of It will go to Marie-Soleil Dion and Fabien Cloutier conduct interviews at a distance, like here with Guylaine Tremblay.

It may seem simple at first glance, but it took ten days to make it all work properly, the result of a close collaboration between the company’s DXM Technology, specializing in audio and video equipment to the tv, and Rec4Box, a company that specializes in the manufacturing of mobile production units.

The camera device wireless modems multiple is a product that DXM Technology went to seek in the United States five years ago. “It was to do productions at a distance, such as bicycle races, where it’s difficult to take a control for shoots,” explains the president, Dominic Bourget, including the name of Coldplay appears in the list of collaborations of the company.

The technology, LiveU has been used for smaller-scale projects, such as events with Cirque du Soleil or the red carpet of the Gala Artis. “It’s been a few times that we used the system, but not to its full capacity”, he adds.

But for the past month, the technology allows VAT to deliver nothing less than a daily program.

Turn in a safe manner

The development of this technology has been made in only ten days for the purposes of the program, with the close collaboration of Rec4Box, who has installed a true governed in a warehouse in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, thanks to its mobile units.

This is a health protocol which has been put in place.

The members of the small team that works on site arriving in the morning, pass by a piece of decontamination where they change their clothes, they put them in bins. They rhabillent with linen that has been decontaminated. At the end of the day, they are coming back with the same coin and change again before going out. The clothes are cleaned every night by a team of experts.

In its mandating authority, the director, Luc Sirois, who was in the habit of trays variety of size (The Fury, The Voice, live from the universe) speaks to the hosts and guests as if they were in the studio. He plays with the sound and the image distance, using the artists to place the camera depending on the lighting, plug in the microphones.

“This technology allows us to do a tv show with people who have never taken the camera in their hands of their life,” praise Jonathan Fortin, vice-president of Rec4Box.

At the other end of the wire, Dominic Bourget details of the technical complexities of the project. If everything looks perfect on the screen, it is far from simple, and in the current context, it is a small revolution in and of itself, a hope at least.

A glimmer of hope

On this subject, Dominic Bourget entrust receive over a dozen calls from producers who see in this technology a solution in a gold recovery of the shootings for the tv.

“We have a lot of requests,” he said. It has changed all that. Before, the bulk of our market was in post-production. There, it goes more in the wireless. The producers do not believe it, our way of doing things. We are very happy with the result. It has very, very big projects coming up for the summer.”

Is it that this technology could be used for projects of fiction? “It is something we think about it currently, supports Dominic Bourget. It is more complicated. Which is problematic, it is the game of the players to two meters. Surely there are methods to do that and we look at it currently. Nothing is ruled out at present.”

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