A teen 16 years of age get a beating in the middle of the street under the watchful eye of the cameras… and passers-by

The medieval City of Carcassonne. — Angot – Sipa

According to his father, he was literally lynched. Sunday afternoon, two young inhabitants of Carcassonne decide to go for a walk on a bike in the streets of the city. Until they fall on a group of young people. One of them has wanted to steal a bike. But its owner, 16-year-old has refused to let it go according to the testimony of his father, collected by
The Independent.

The band then fell over, soon joined by other young people. Under the eyes of her boyfriend helplessly, the young man has been beaten with fist, feet but also batons and chairs. All this in the street, under the eyes of cctv cameras and not far from a café where none of the customers stepped in to help laments her father in the columns of the journal.

Wrist fractured

The two young people have come to take refuge in a gym and have called the father of the victim who came to retrieve them. The teenager was taken to the emergency room, where caregivers have found that he had a broken wrist and multiple bruises. It has been 20 days of total interruption of work and lodged a complaint.

Two young people have been placed in custody Tuesday, and then released. They have denied having assaults. The investigation is ongoing.

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