a teenage historian looking for the boy in an old photo

    a teenage historian looking for the boy in an old photo

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    The photo fell from a book that Matéo Guyon had just opened in the bookbox of Noyen-sur-Sarthe on Tuesday. Keen on local history, the young Sarthois brought it home to call for witnesses.

    A religious photo

    The black and white photo shows a young, dark-haired boy, well combed, in communion clothes kneeling on a prie-Dieu. “It is really a religious photo”, analyzes the high school student. Sadly, “there is no writing or name of photographer”, regrets Matéo.

    The entire photo.

    Back home, the teenager posted the photo on Facebook, on his personal account and on several groups of local history buffs. “I have no response yet from people who may be related to this young man”, explains Matéo. A “young man” who is no doubt now an old man. “We can still hope to find the person who is in this photo. There are still centenarians and people who live very long, but I am targeting children or grandchildren more.”, details the young Sarthois.

    A history buff

    Matéo pulls strings that he knows well since he writes a book on the history of Noyen-sur-Sarthe. Since the first confinement, he collects, sorts and analyzes historical documents. “I made a lot of approaches to the archives and the descendants of former mayors of Noyen to compile everything in a single book”, specifies Matéo.

    If he is still writing, he already knows that his book will consist of two parts: the heritage and personalities of Noyen-sur-Sarthe. Mayors, notables, a painter, a footballer and, perhaps, the stranger from the photo he found.

    >>> If you have any information on this photo, you can contact Matéo Guyon at this email address: [email protected]

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