A terrible cataclysm covers the Earth

2017-10-13 14:50

A terrible cataclysm covers the Earth
Fell to the Ground magnetic storm, the power of which reached five points from a possible nine.

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Today, the phenomenon is less crazy, to later strike with renewed force, reports Rus.Media. The researchers commented that the magnetic storm triggered a powerful solar flare, which was rather unusual shape, in addition, the flow of the solar wind accelerated to 500 kilometers per second.

Within a few days the effect of the storm will reach six points, and on 21-22 of the Earth will be felt by another explosion, which will cause a powerful magnetic storm in the history of observations of the Sun.

“In the second half of October is also possible to separate difficulties in life or in the individual sectors of the economy for the gain of the wind in combination with precipitation, local rain floods, some days are not excluded and a short winter phenomenon (e.g., the first snowfall, the ice formation or sticking of wet snow)”, – stated in the message.

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