A thermocirculateur in your kitchen

Un thermocirculateur dans votre cuisine

Sealed in a plastic bag, foods such as meats, seafood, vegetables and spices can be cooked in water using a rice cooker vacuum precision, also called thermocirculateur. If you have already seen this technique in a cooking show, today it is your turn to put it into practice.

Like the pros

Here is a model of Eurodib professional quality, intended for the use of individuals, to do as the chiefs… at home ! Placed in a volume of water maximum of 25 litres, it creates a rapid increase in temperature (5-95 oC) with a degree of accuracy of +0.5 oC, has a timer of 5 minutes to 99 hours and an intelligent control, and then provides an output of 900 watts.

doyondespres.com > 249,11 $

Even cooking

This cooker under vacuum of the MASTER Head offers the opportunity to learn this method of cooking is modern, with low prices. It accompanies the budding chefs in the achievement of cooking for ideal and uniform, in particular because of its precise control of the water temperature (adjustable from 86 to 194 oF and displayed digitally), its moisture retention and its protection is the minimum level of water.

canadiantire.ca > receiving $89.99

High precision

Precise temperature control (+0,1 ° c) cooking time adjustable from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes digital control panel with touch-screen, automatic shutdown when the water level is too low, light ring indicating the cooking phase, spring clip, fixing it firmly to all the pans, cooking guide… The thermocirculateur Ricardo accompany you in the achievement of sous-vide cooking is perfect !

boutique.ricardocuisine.com > 119,99 $


Cooker vacuum precision Anova connects to your phone, so you can track the progress of the cooking from another room. The Bluetooth connection allows you to control the device at a distance of 9 metres and gives accurate results and constant. Compact, it stores easily with other kitchen accessories in a cabinet or a drawer.

canadiantire.ca > about $139.99

Performance and elegance

With its refined lines, its chic ring temperature adjustment (0 to 100 oC) faithful +0.1 oC, its safety device that prevents overheating and a too low level of water, its capacity of 23 litres and a power of 1100 watts, this thermocirculateur Sansaire combines performance and style.

doyondespres.com > 249 $ (Available from April)

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