A thousand american soldiers and a command will be deployed in Poland

Un millier de soldats américains et un commandement seront déployés en Pologne

WARSAW, The Polish minister of Defense said Friday that”at least a thousand” of us military and command structure for the eastern flank of NATO will be deployed in Poland.

The statement of Mr. Mariusz Blaszczak came two days after the announcement by the head of the Pentagon, Mark Esper, the withdrawal of some 12,000 american soldiers in Germany.

“At least a thousand new soldiers will be deployed in our country,” said the minister, Polish public radio Jedynka.

“We’re going to have in Poland a command of american body. This command will manage the forces deployed on the entire eastern flank of NATO”, he added.

It will be “the most important center of command of the land forces in our region”, he insisted then on Twitter.

According to Mr. Blaszczak, Warsaw and Washington have completed negotiations on a statement of military cooperation.

“Soon, we are going to sign with the U.s. the final agreement on the long-lasting presence of the american army”, he said happily.

Mr. Blaszczak has stated that the number of soldiers to deploy in Poland had already been enshrined in declarations signed by the presidents of the two countries last year.

The head of the Polish State Andrzej Duda, in the midst of the election campaign, victorious, visited again in early July in Washington, where he was received by his us counterpart, Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Mark Esper stated that of the approximately 34 500 military personnel are currently deployed in Germany, approximately 6 400 will be repatriated to the U.s., while the 5 600 other will be repositioned in other NATO countries, including about 2 000 in Belgium and Italy.

Mr. Esper said that the objective of this major restructuring was strategic, in particular as a deterrent against Russia, but a few minutes after his press conference at the Pentagon, Donald Trump has explained that this withdrawal was due to the refusal of Germany to “pay more”.

The command in the u.s. military in Europe (Eucom), currently based in Stuttgart, will be moving to Mons, Belgium, where the commander-in-chief of the NATO forces.

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