A tragic fire in Odessa on Sunday in Ukraine declared a day of national mourning

Трагический пожар в Одессе: в воскресенье в Украине объявлен день национального траура

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has declared Sunday 8 December a national day of mourning in memory of those killed during the tragic fire at the Troitskaya street in Odessa.

The corresponding decree published on the official Internet representation of the President.

A day of mourning across the country will be lowered national flags and cancelled entertainment events. Corresponding changes will also make programs, television and radio programs.

Life is the most valuable thing for each of us. Each human life is the most valuable thing a country. To save a life – the first and most important task of the state. Sad when people die at the front. But twice as bitter when people are dying in a peaceful town, in the light of day due to someone else’s error or negligence, – wrote Vladimir Zelensky in Facebook.

The President expressed condolences to the families of the victims during a fire and added that the tragic incident in Odessa should become a “lesson for all officials, managers, for all citizens of Ukraine”.

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