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We also fell for Guylaine Tremblay as a mother unworthy in “any case” of Rafaëlle Germain.

When one is addicted to television, the Holiday season can take on the look of a long purgatory. Strongly the first few weeks of January to reconnect with the members of his family tv ! Especially when some of the series, whose District 31 by Luc Dionne (Radio-Canada), Monday to Thursday, 19 h), and Unit 9 Danielle Trottier (Radio-Canada, Tuesday, 20 h) gave up the spectators on the coups de théâtre, or that others, such as Ruptures of Isabelle Pelletier and Daniel Thibault (Radio-Canada, Monday, 20 h) and . Michelle Allen (TVA, Monday, 21 h) promise to treat hot issues.


Who was not worried about the fingers of Brière (Jeff Boudreault) ? That does not look forward to getting to know Eyota (Natasha Kanapé Fontaine) ? Who doesn’t want to see Jean-Luc (Normand D’amour) punished for his sexual misconduct ? Who would not want to save the innocent Fanny (Ludivine Reding) ?


Earlier this week, we are back with happiness, Sophie Cadieux and Sylvie Léonard teeth beautiful teeth in the replicas prickly Isabelle Langlois in Letting go (Radio-Canada, Monday, 19: 30) and found that Seraphim (Vincent Leclerc) is more hated than ever in The country at the top of Gilles Desjardins (Radio-Canada, Monday, 21 h).


We also fell for Guylaine Tremblay as a mother unworthy to the sides of Anne-Élisabeth Bossé and Mickaël Gouin in In any case of Rafaëlle Germain (TVA, Monday, 19: 30) and for the beautiful eyes of Thomas Beaudoin in Hubert and Fanny of Richard Blaimert (Radio-Canada, Tuesday, 21 h). Strongly the next week to find Sophie Lorain in head-to-head with Gabriel Arcand in The relief of Beatrice Francine Tougas (VAT, Wednesday, 20 h).


In short, in tragedy as in comedy, the québec television treats its viewers with its quality fiction. Through these intrigues that he follows faithfully, and those characters with whom he identifies himself (or not!) the public continues on his romantic relationship with his favourite stars. If the fame is sometimes fleeting, some love stories last forever — talk to Guylaine Tremblay, whose popularity rating remains stable for years. It is therefore not surprising that the designers, producers, and broadcasters deliver to the spectators of the stars in all the sauces.


To be stripped of their aura of mystery, the stars will humanize the eyes of the general public, which likes to recognize. As the sang Goldman, ” she is living her life by proxy “…


“Vedettexploitation “

Photo: Radio-Canada
It has been found with happiness, Sophie Cadieux teeth beautiful teeth in the replicas prickly Isabelle Langlois in “Letting go”.

The stars know everything. Or almost. When they do not provide everyone is talking about (Radio-Canada, Sunday, 20 h) or to Two men in gold (Télé-Québec, Friday, 21 h), or, again, do not share their favourite songs (En direct de l’univers, Radio-Canada, Saturday, 19 h), they can dance, sing, do karaoke or lip-sync, to cook, to renovate, to travel, tell lies, participate in the quiz… or even get their eulogy (Please do not send flowers, Radio-Canada, Friday, 20 h).


This season, the stars participate in a competition of conjuring ! Led by Guy Jodoin, the magic of The stars (VAT), Sunday, 19: 30) highlights The FantastiX, a collective of magicians, who will share their secrets with various artists, including Brigitte Lafleur, Patrice Bélanger and P-A Méthot.


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Véronique Cloutier returned in force to the bar 1res once (Radio-Canada, Thursday, 20 h). The concept ? Celebrities, PY Lord, Hélène Bourgeois-Leclerc, Rémi-Pierre Paquin and Sonia Vachon, reliving their first time, bought an error or realize a fantasy.


As for François Morency, he’s having fun at the expense of celebrities — including Jean-François Breau and Bianca Gervais — who lent themselves to the exercise of good grace, reminding them of their words is not always glorious in Open quotes (Radio-Canada, Friday, 21 h). Mourning the loss of The small seduction ? Comfort yourself with Comedy on the measure (Z, Thursday, 21: 30), where nine clubs, including Réal Béland and Denis Drolet, criss-crossing Quebec to provide well-cooked, to the inhabitants of nine villages. Finally, of the stars, including two from reality tv Waiters, there will be in theTaxi paying for Alexandre Barrette (V, Tuesday, 19 h 30, as of 6 February).

Who will hit the wall ?

Among the idols instant of reality tv, of course, there’s the inevitable Mariepier Morin, who rolling his hump since its passage noticed double Occupancy in 2006. The one that we shall see in The triumph of the money, Denys Arcand, will be at the helm of the new game and Face the wall. At TVA, we have so much confidence in his success that has changed the time slot of the adaptation of the american game The Wall to face 1st time and Dance to win the Thursday, at 19: 30. In the Face of the wall has even seen the format go from an hour to an hour and a half. That, of V, TVA or Radio-Canada, will win the fierce battle for audience ratings ?

Stars sought after

When we have spent all our stars to the rope, that is-what do we do ? It manufactures ! With the talent competition (Star Academy, The voice, The voice junior) and reality shows (big brother, double Occupancy), new faces have emerged in the wonderful world of show-biz quebec. Spectators entichent both of these unknowns that in a short time these become spontaneously stars. It would not be surprising to see Joanie, the tornado platinum OD Bali, getting his talk show to V in the near future. From the 25 January, who knows if we will see the birth of a future Nico Archambault, revealed in 2008, thanks to So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Dance to win (V, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, 18: 30, Wednesday, 19 h and 19 h 30). Moderated by Julie Ringuette (The beautiful, Radio-Canada, Friday, 21: 30) and Olivier Dion, revealed to Star Académie 2012, and noticed in Dancing with the stars in France in 2015, the contest for urban dance will have to judge the dancer Kim Gingras, the actor and director Denis Bouchard, and singer Laurence Nerbonne. Bouchard will he be as entertaining and mordant Serge Denoncourt to the Gods of the dance ? The bar is high…

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