A unique place with mystical legends

The planet is still a lot of secrets.

Унікальні місця з містичними легендами

Mountain Palace of Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

The top 10 mysterious places on Earth must include mountain-Palace called Sigiriya. This place is shrouded in mystery and legends. Perhaps the lost data are the source of many myths and mystical origin of the Lion mountain as it is called by locals. Is this amazing building 350 meters from the ground, informs Rus.Media.

Унікальні місця з містичними легендами

Legend has it that Sigiriya appeared in the fifth century in the city, which was called Anuradhapura. At this time the king Dhatusena had two sons. The eldest son named Kasap has entered into an agreement with the Advisor Marou, who also wanted power like the naughty son of the king. According to legend, the son CV Azniv father in the Palace and took the throne…

The mystical portal of the Capital city, Kiev

Today, there are legends about the mystical power of the capital of Ukraine. Mages and psychics from different parts of the world believe that this place is a portal to parallel worlds. And one of the most mysterious attractions is the “suicide Bridge.” Today this architectural structure attracts many lovers. But not everyone knows that he was called the devil, indeed, in the last century, the schoolboy jumped off the bridge because of unrequited love.

Унікальні місця з містичними легендами

Also deserves the attention of tourists the history of the Sabbath, is located on Bald mountain. The most mystical place in Kiev, as legend has it, became the home of hundreds of souls of dead people who were hiding in caves from their enemies.

Vendetta in African, OMO

OMO valley is one of the most mystical places on the planet, due to the secrets and mysteries of local residents. Today, scientists are unable to understand the nature of magic of the ancient tribes who lived in this place. Legends that they were so friendly that after the death decided to stay in his native place. And currently, many people believe that the souls of Ethiopians are in the valley. Special attention deserves the tradition and culture of the time. Women spent styling your hair with clay. Men hunted with his bare hands. While they were able to defeat the tigers and lions.

Унікальні місця з містичними легендами

Coral castle, Miami

Near Miami is known around the world, the Coral Castle, which is made of a set of huge sculptures and oolt. Today engineers admire this place because it was built long before the advent of technology, with which it would be possible to make such a masterpiece. Perhaps the story of the origin of the castle is somehow connected to the myths of magic of the third Millennium BC. Talking about the power of Michelangelo, who supposedly made a deal with the devil.

Унікальні місця з містичними легендами

It should be noted that in 1936 near the castle we decided to buy land Edward, and who arranged for the Park. After performing his mission, he went to the unknown direction. It was never seen again.

Snow mountains, Tibet

One of the most mysterious places on the planet is the center of Asia, namely mount Everest. She is over the earth at a height of 8848 meters. In this place for centuries are people who condemned himself to loneliness. The Tibetans do not enter into marriages, and even in a friendly team adhere to the peace and liberty of thoughts. While there are legends about the power of these people. They open up incredible opportunities. And sorcery and the power of the spirit and magic of the Tibetans speak around the world. They are the best philosophers and sages, because with the nature are inseparable. There is also talk about immortality, associated with the infinite life of the mind of local residents.

Унікальні місця з містичними легендами